what am i trying to do here??


hello folks - i hope you can give me some ideas on how to understand better/develop this spread that came to me.

influenced by the kabalistic theme of my newest deck (tarot cabalistico by j.a. portela), in a trance the other day the idea came to me that the aces, twos, threes, fives, pages and the fool can all be seen as cards of new paradigms.

ace: the very beginning, the one, undivided.
two: there's more than one! first dimension.
three: second dimension: the plane.
five: rising from what seems the ultimate plane - the square, the stability of the four - comes the chaotic five: third dimension.
page: forget numerals. let's start a whole new category
fool: forget categories!

i see this as a circular spread, with the fool being both the last and the one before the beginning. the way i see it laid out is more or less like this, as POSITIONS


to play it, shuffle the cards, then go through the cards until you see the first of the eligible cards (ace, two, three, five, page, fool). lay it one onto the "ace" position, the second you find onto the "two" position, etc.

but I don’t quite understand what this spread is FOR, and the method of interpretation.

re the method of interpretation: i get a sense that it has something to do with comparing the phase of the position with the phase of the card. e.g. in the spread i’m trying right now, i have one card in the equivalent position: the fool. all is right with the world there. on the other hand, i have the ace of swords in the “page” position – quite far removed. the “closest” one is the ace of pentacles in the “three” position.

i also get a sense this this is a spread of evolution, development – i keep sensing a blossom unfolding.

i usually have no problem creating spreads but this one totally stumps me. it’s as if spirit lobbed me a ball and i don’t know what game we’re playing.

any thoughts, ideas? have you had experiences like this?


bumping this up. would love to get some input.