What are these 'kingdoms'?


I've been reading 'Portable Magic' by Donald Tyson, and he has a banishing ritual in this book with phrasing that got me curious. Now, I've done the LBRP and realise it's similar, but when I do the LBRP in the 4 directions, I always just had a general feeling of 'May I be protected from the ickies from all sides'...or something kind of like that, and never really thought about it further.

In Tyson's ritual, you say:

'By the Sword of Air, I banish the kingdom of the east
By the Wand of Fire, I banish the kingdom of the south
By the Cup of Water, I banish the kingdom of the west
By the Pentacle of Earth, I banish the kingdom of the north. '

And so my question is--what are these 'kingdoms' I am banishing? Are they harmful entities/elementals? Are they like those kingdoms referred to in the Bible, in Ephesians 6:12: 'For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.' (ASV) ie, spiritual forces of evil? (As usual, my nearly 40 years of Bible training far outweigh my less than 3 years of occult study.)

Any help would be appreciated, because the wording here got me curious.


I took it as representing the kingdoms of the four kings within tarot; who are the kings of the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and thus the whole of the world around us. Each direction is usually accepted as representing an element. Since each tarot suit also represents an element, they correspond and can thus be taken to represent each other.

It is just an adaptation of the usual rites of protection and one is banishing the unwanted elementals of each of the four kingdoms.


Yes, that is what I thought. Just checking! :)


It does seem somewhat vague though, unless you know different, by saying those words, are you banishing everything from each direction, good and bad alike? I magic is about intention then the words are there to evoke that intention and help us to focus. With such vague commands it is difficult to do that especially if you have no clue as to what they really represent.

Better perhaps to use our own words and know what we intend?!?!?


Precisely, Milfoil! I was thinking of changing it to 'I banish the unwanted elements of the kingdom of the east', etc. Or maybe 'the harmful elements'. Something like that. Feel more comfortable with that I think. I know that in his book Tyson says he is trying to stick close to Golden Dawn stuff, maybe that's it.


I don't feel any sort of "ritual" banishing is necessary. Protection - yes. There are times when you may want to protect yourself and keep certain things out. But I don't believe in the idea of Kingdoms, or in the fact that there are particular sorts of entities dwelling in each of the compass points.


I think it's best for me to learn what is meant by these rituals and phrases and concepts before I make a decision on whether or not I believe in them, which is why I've asked for clarification from those who may know. :)