What Are You Currently Reading?


I read Camelia Elias' Towards the Art of Reading last week. I will be reading and rereading it for a long time to come, I'm sure. It is by far the best book on reading the cards I have read. I'm excited to be reading cards, instead of wading through big murky swamps of conjecture about meanings, methods and history (much as I love history!).


I'm in the midst of a collection of short stories called "Tarot Tales", edited by Rachel Pollack and Caitlin Matthews. It's uneven, I couldn't even get through one story called "The Horse of Iron and How We Can Know It and Be Changed By It Forever". Like the title is enough to warn one off I'd say! These are stories that were commissioned of many authors, to involve Tarot in their conception somehow. This one was so rambling and incoherent that I gave up after about the 2nd page, but I've been pleasantly charmed by other stories in the volume (which I must stress I have yet to finish, almost halfway through now). I am working on reading all the books that are Tarot-related that I own, to use reviews of for my website and blog. I'll be reviewing books that come together with decks too, I think that this is a rather original idea, to treat the books separately from the decks as such which I have also reviewed. Next on the list is the book that comes with the Ananda deck, going in alphabetical order through my collection. I'm looking forward to that one, I love the deck! I'll be quite an expert after all this reading! I'll be reviewing books that are tangentially related too, like the one I own called "Ouja: The Most Dangerous Game", and creepy fic most likely. Sorry to have gone on at such length!


Maps of Consciousness By Ralph Metzner

Am devouring this re-read of a book that was bought long ago and has been collecting neglect. What a pure delicious gem of information and thought. Introductions to I-Ching, Tantra, Tarot, Alchemy, Astrology, and Actualism 1971.

Late Starter

I am finally reading Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer.

Late Starter

Just started Understanding the Tarot Court by Mary K. Greer and Tom Little

Ix Chel

I started with Tarot and Astrology from Corinne Kenner.

Late Starter

Just starting with Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin


Downloaded Tarosophy by Marcus Katz onto my Kindle to start this eve.


I'm currently re-reading Benebel Wen's The Holistic Tarot.
It has certainly been interesting, even on the third reading.