What Are You Currently Reading?


My newest books on Tarot, etc. are Tarot Beyond the Basics, Tarot and Lenormand and The Essential Lenormand. I haven't read them all completely, but they're all very good.


Currently "The Ultimate Guide To Tarot" by Liz Dean.
It's simple, yet filled with lots of helpful info on the tarot!


Currently 'The Fool's Journey' by Robert M. Place

A little pricey on Lulu, but I got it with a 20% off coupon, and am really happy with it. Interesting book, and the color illustrations are really good.


Just finished Jodorowsky/Costa - Way of the Tarot: the Spirtual Teacher in the Cards. I enjoyed it, and I think I learned a lot from it, though I think I'll build my own approach on these principles, rather than follow them exactly as articulated, but it was a thoughtful book.


I'm reading The Heart of the Tarot by Sandra Thomson, Robert Mueller, and Signe Echols. Their Spiritual Tarot is one of my favorites. I wish both were available on Kindle.


I am re-reading 'The Truth About The Tarot' by Gerald Suster. Excellent little book!

Babalon Jones

I am re-reading 'The Truth About The Tarot' by Gerald Suster. Excellent little book!

I love that book!

Right now, just have a stack of library books, all fiction, as I am trying to distract myself from severe bronchitis and the horrors of US politics.

But I have Gareth Knight books in my Amazon cart just begging me to pick at least one of them.


Tarot for One by Courtney Webber. She is a Tarot blogger and just released her first book on November 1st. I got it a few days ago and I love it.

I've been reading tarot for myself for over 13 years and I was intrigued to see a book dedicated to the subject. Her section on the fools journey really meshed with my own beliefs but brought a lot of nuance to the surface.

Her exercises were some of the few I have actually done. Most of the time I skip them in books, tarot especially, I just get bored, but hers were helpful to me.


Spreads Galore

I'm reading Pollack's The New Tarot Handbook, less for card meanings and more for the spreads she outlines. Each card has a special spread, and I've been working my way through them as a meditative journaling exercise; good fun!

Curious about Holistic Tarot; might have to get that one soon!