what card combinations mean marriage?


does anybody know what card combinations signify marriage in a tarot layout?


I do not have that much experience but whenever I have to find out if somebody is marrying or not I will first look for these cards: The Pope, The Empress, The Lovers, Ace of Cups and Two of Cups, mainly. The final result would depend on the surrounding cards or on the way the previous ones combine among themselves. For example, The Lovers and The Pope, Pope and Ace of Cups, Two of Cups and Pope.I am sorry I cannot help you any further with this at the moment.


i have never had specific cards that mean 'marriage'.



along the lines of what jade said,
I can't imagine any specific card combination
stating marriage. Cards that can be associated with marriage are the Lovers, the Sun, Ace cards, the suit of Cups. Individually, none of them actually mean marriage. It's all in the way the cards fall.
Death is a card of; out with the old and in with the new. Surronded by the right cards, IT too can mean marriage.


There are several cards that may draw to a marriage conclusion, but start "listen" to the cards. When I get really focussed or in-sink with the person I'm reading, I get visions. When you do a reading, sit in "silence" and wait for the cards to talk to you.


Along with the others, I also look for the 4 of wands when marriage in question.