What Cards Have You Had For Certain Events?


Okay, here is a list of reccuring cards I had before various things have happened...

King of Wands & King of Cups (both reversed)=Micheal Jacksons death
4 Pentacles with any card=Means 'No' to your question e.g: 4P + Star=A guy does not return your feelings, 4P + Ace Wands=A lost item will not be found

Ace of Swords=Death
Knight of Pents=Carry on to the end of your situation, do not give up/ an unknown man
Knight of Pents + Wheel of Fortune=Weight gain
Page Swords=Feeling angry/a psychological report
Knight of Swords + Ace Wands=A fire requiring rapid action (small kitchen fire, put out fast)
Death=The end of a long court case with 'no verdict'/moving out of my family home
3 of Cups=A recovery plan
World + 8 of Wands=Modest moment of internet fame
8 of Pents=Offered a work trial
2 of Pents=Switching appointments at the last minute
2 of Swords=A tense situation between two people, arguments


Depending on the reading, I find the Chariot often shows up, when it's in the outcome position, that professional counseling is needed; either it's marital or mental health.


This thread is brilliant!

I recently had an artist reading asking if fame and fortune would be obtained.

I got 6 of wands(fame)+wheel of fortune

-and not just any wheel but Klimt's wheel which is pure gold and has the nearly immortal Adele Bloch-Bauer on it! I had one of those '*gasp* well I guess you are listening tarot!' moments. lol

We shall see...


I think the 6 wands + Wheel of Fortune could mean his success depends on chance or that a lucky break is coming his way.

The Empress is often a card of artistic fame.

Good insight about The Chariot, I've had it to mean the emergency services as well.


I've pulled the Queen of Swords RX shortly after making a sardonic remark twice now.

10 of Swords RX as taking medicine to recover from a headache.

Ace of Cups and 9 of Cups while enjoying a beer, or two...

4 of Swords RX as representing insomnia

edit: These events are rather personal, not certain, but I'll leave them up anyway.

I can personally vouch, also, for 6 of wands signifying artistic triumph.


For me, 8 of Swords has signaled that I'll be home taking care of a sick child several times.


I've had the Robin Wood 10 of Swords (the really gruesome looking one) as an outcome of some tests I had, that I was awaiting the results of. Needless to say I panicked when I seen this. Some members on here, calmed me down by telling me that the 10 of Swords could actually signify the end of me thinking about it and encourage me to live a healthier lifestyle, etc. The results were negative, so this card is viewed very differently by me these days. It also did encourage me to think differently, too.


For me...the 3 of Swords has come up on several occasions (in readings for others) and represented an extra marital affair.

Also...the Ace of Swords - I will sometimes interpret it as a minor surgery or getting a tattoo perhaps...I had a querent tell me that they had to have minor surgery at the dental office...


I had 3 of swords come up a lot in regards to one relationship where I was never clear on where we stood in the relationship. We obviously had strong feelings for each other but it was a game of hide and seek for us. He ended up breaking my heart completely when he went back to UK and decided to cut off all contact with me. Ever since then this has been my heartbreak card.

Temperance seems to come up a lot when I am feeling out of balance and during strong emotional state. Usually when I am being self destructive.. When temperance tends to pop up a lot in my reading. This is a clear warning to me to start balancing myself.

Knight of Cups right before meeting someone and it was very romantic.. instant connection.. feelings of pure love. Just pure romance and first time he kissed me.. It felt so right.. like I had come home. I will probably always see Knight of Cups as love for me now. For astrology freaks. His venus conjuncts my sun and my sun conjuncts his very strongly. :heart: Supposedly there's only 1/900,000 chance of first meeting someone with this astrological aspect. Pretty rare anyways.

Devil.. yes I had this card come up for me several times.. I had a relationship when I was much younger with a much older man. He seemed to always want to control and dominate me.. and lusted after me in a big way. I still pull this card for him when I do readings in regards to him. We still keep in touch.. but as friends mostly. I keep my distance due to the Devil card that pops up in regards to his feelings towards me.

7 of pentacles/8 of pentacles: I had a lot in regards to career. I had to put a lot of hard work into it and the rewards were slow. I like this card generally.. it means putting yourself into your job.. and finding value in what you do. 8 of pentacles in the Goddess tarot deck is my favorite.. it shows a woman painting and I associate that with creating art. It's the card of the apprentice.. perfecting your craft... whether it's creative, mental, or physical. These two cards is about working hard to get to where you want to be in life.


I know it's old post.

But I wanna add something because I like it. :)

I got a King/Wands as a daily card, that day I had an argument with my coworker.

I had Hanged man (I have a lot of story with this card though) twice, when my manager pissed me off without specific reason.

I got a death rx card, when I wanted to leave my work but I couldn't leave. (It wasn't ended.)

I got a 3/swords when I broke up with my Ex. Yes, it was a heart break card.