What Cleansing Rituald do You do Before trading Decks??


I was wondering what kind of cleansing rituals you do on your tarot cards before trading them?



I was thinking about that, since I am trying to trade a deck with someone but they wont respond yes or no lol. I was thinking of smudging it with sage incense, reordering all the cards and saying a final good bye to them (and letting them know they are going to a placewherethey'll be loved), then probably holding them in my hands and drawing any left over energies out. I might also consider sending a new crystal along with the deck for trade.


i never thought about it. i just sent off two decks in a trade and i'll just send some reiki to fill them with light...............................

okay done.


enjoy your decks delani and lil-angel!

in light,


I have a question on the same line... I read that your suppose to cleanse your deck by putting in moonlight or the use of salt. My question is how often are you suppost to do this and does it matter what type salt?? Is there anything else that you need to do to take care of the tarot deck?? Thanks :)


sea salt

and as often as you feel the need :)

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I usually tell the cards that it was nice to have "met" them and that they will go to a new home where they will bring the new owner the same joy I have with my fav decks. That's all. I sometimes send the bag with them in which I have kept them but that depends on the trade.