What do a vision of an owl means?


I did a tarot spell some weeks ago. After I've finished I closed my eyes and then I had a strong, clear vision of an owl (yes i know, very harry potter haha) that sat on a branch and then flew away.

What did that mean?

Some background info: I did a spell - after I protected myself and prayed to let it be done with love - on my best buddy that had just visited me and left some really bad energies. I was frustrated and a bit angry, so I knew it was important to pray and ask the spell be done by love - but I did a sort of enemy-spell that was quite hard against him, asking the spirits to drive out the evil in him.

He has visited me many times since, and I've never felt the bad energies since.

A voice came to my head when I asked myself about the owl, and it said that it flew away to save me - like I had crossed some line for good spell behavior. But I don't always trust the voices (I'm schizophrenic), so I really wonder what you guys think of the vision of the owl?

Happy for any input!


The owl is a mysterious creature who is often depicted with magic and wisdom and death or transformation. I do believe that your vision of an owl was most likely to let you know that you responded in a wise way, and that the spells and prayers are bringing about a transformation--for the better. Because the owl flew away, I would see this as telling you that it is now over and you should just forget about the whole thing now and let it be done.


That's a really good take on it!

Having this vision made me so sure I was doing the right thing, and not to forget that I got a proof that the spell (and other spells I do) are seen and heard by the universe.

Thanks for the input, celticnoodle!


Owls are incredible hunters, absolutely silent, watchful, with amazing eyesight. Their ability to SEE things, see the truth of things and hunt out their prey in the night is a good analogy for you seeing clearly that some of the voices are not to be trusted (you are in charge!). Perhaps Owl was or is part of the helping essence which assists you in seeing what you really need even through the confusing stuff (the dark) or difficulties.


By coincidense(?) I picked up my "Medicine cards" today and shuffled a long time before pulling out a card. And guess what I got:

The owl!

It says it's connected to sorcerers and witches, and confirms what you both have pointed out.

What a great vision! :)

Thank you both!

Briar Rose

Owls never fail me. They have always been there to protect me and let me know I should be aware of something. Everytime they appear there is a VERY important issue I should pay serious attention to, and it's always a warning something is not good for me.