What do you see when you close your eyes?


Maybe is a silly question, but I would like to know if you see anything when you close your eyes, and stay quiet obviuosly. When I close my eyes in the middle of the office I see nothing.
But when I try to meditate after going to bed, I see many things. The first times were only colours and shapes moving, but yesterday I saw many different people, young black womens and kids, as if I were watching a movie about africa. They are not very clear images, they are with some shadows in front of. As if I were looking trought tree leafes.
And those images come very quick after I close my eyes, I mean, I'm not in a state of deep meditation.
What can it be? I never recognise those faces.
Do you see something when you close your eyes? Is just my imagination joking?


I see different things when I close my eyes. Sometimes it is a repeating geometric pattern in color against black. But--sometimes I see tiny three dimensional scenes playing out. I am usually in a pre-sleep mode when this happens and it lasts for less than a minute. I wish I could get it to happen more often.

And sometimes I see diffused overall fairly bright light, just as though I were standing in a bright room with my eyes closed, but when I open my eyes it is dark in the room.


Indigo and purple semi-geometric shapes.


And what can be those faces I see?
I asked here because because when I ask hubby what does he sees when he closes his eyes, He says he see nothing. :D


Yes, many things. Initially purple and other colours but his often fades into geometric grids and dots then, it 'snaps' into a scene of something. Last night I was in a sports equipment store, zipping around, watching people doing their shopping (????). There was no control over that I guess because I had no intention beforehand.


Depends if I choose to open my Third Eye....

Otherwise it's best when near to sleep and the hypnagogics start. From those slowly billowing, roiling colours, images have been known to appear.