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I have a question. Kayne and I were discussing borders on my other thread and I got to thinking. I'm curious what is everyone else's opinions of borders on their cards? To border or not to border, that is the question! Is it more noble to see the card or suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous borders? (Sorry, it's late here and I'm a little loopy and sleep deprived. :D )

What do you think the virtues are of having a border? Do you think cards look better with or without them? Do that detract from the card or do they enhance the card?

Inquiring minds want to know! :)



Well lets see the cards I did in FACT were borderless, mainly because it was easier to collage without one, but some decks Id like to create do have borders because thats where Id like to put all the correspondance info such as hebrew letter, tree of life association, etc.

Im not a big fan of overly patterned borders, or plain white ones, but I think plain black looks rather stunning depending on the art.



i actually like contrasting empty space with intricate patterns. i guess its ok to have a border for the image, as long as its also inside another neutral area. see card below as an example. :)


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I like thin, simple, balanced borders that help center my attention immediately on the card itself.


Major Tom

I also prefer simple borders. I see the border fulfilling the same function as a window frame - that is - something you hang onto as you climb into the picture. })


Hm, I usually do not bother about borders as long as they are not too broad to distract from the picture itself. I had trouble getting accustomed to the broad windowshaped borders in the Matthews Arthurian deck but I like the borders in the World Spirit and the Sacred Circle deck.

I think it really depends on the deck you use.