What does the aeclectic forum mean to you?


I am sure that most of you noticed Solandia?s notice, ?The future of the Forums?. And I guess everyone has had the same experience with the host server struggling with the volume of responses and returning server errors. Most people who come here feel a strong sense of community in this forum, and the honesty of the exchanges seems to me to be a rare and valuable presence.
I recognize that many who frequent the forum do not have a lot of spare cash, but at least some do have regular reasonably paying employment. And given the amount of deck-buying that goes on, most have at least some disposable income.
Solandia has shared with me that the host server is overwhelmed, and she needs to make some sort of move fairly soon, or risk losing all the archives, members list etc. It would take more than a one-time contribution, as maintaining a site like this entails monthly charges for server time and bandwidth. A larger one-time contribution would help right now too, as she needs to purchase equipment and software.
I am sure that those of you who go elsewhere on the internet must be aware that most forums treat you to a pop-up ad window every time you look at anything, change menus, post, etc. It is pretty continuous and annoying but I suspect that the site owners just plain needed the cash to keep their popular sites going.
I was thinking that some of us might consider making regular contributions to her, within the limits of their ability to pay. Paypal is easy and effective, though you have to have a credit card.
To me this is worth while, especially considering how much any other form of entertainment costs. With 700 plus members (though I know quite a few are inactive) it should be possible to allow Solandia to make a smooth transition to a more secure home.


I agree.

I'm hoping that when Solandia has got in the first wave of responses and donations she'll be able to tell us how much she needs from those of us who /can/ give and how often.

I'm also hoping for links to amazon.co.uk so any future purchases can benefit aeclectic.

This is an excellent website and I hope we can all help Solandia to keep it going.

All the best,



I completely agree on the members doing our part through contributions and other means to keep the Aeclectic Tarot Forum alive and well and evolving.

Aeclectic is my favorite place to go on the web, not only for the subject matter but equally for the friendly and supportive nature of the forum. It really is special, and I find it magickal that the atmosphere continues to be so positive and interactive. This is truly rare, and Solandia and the members should be proud to be a part of this evolving community. I know I am.


Where was the "Future of the Forums" post? I must've missed it. :( At any rate, I would not hesitate to contribute $ for the upkeep of the site. Will there be instructions on how to go about doing this? Please advise when possible........


Jeanette: Look for the "Announcement" heading each forum group (Trading; Tarot; Other) on the opening title page of the forums.
Marion has brought up an important issue regarding the situation on the Aeclectic Tarot Forums (& expressed it admirably, too)!
This needs immediate action from all of us who would be part of this community.
One does not need to surf the web to recognize a unique vehicle such as the Aeclectic forums. As Strange2 indicates, the atmosphere here is "magickal", especially in that it manages to maintain the sense of community despite (& perhaps due to)the "diversity" of its members! That this quality exists is all the more reason to invest in the preservation & the maintenance of the forums.
There is an expression: to put one's money where one's mouth is. Now is the time to make a difference in the future of these forums. With the number of members at over 700 & growing, what amounts to a few dollars from each of us can ensure the security of our favorite website.


I could live without Aeclectic -- but just barely!!! :) I LOVE IT HERE! :D And will do anything I can to help Solandia keep it up and running. Will definitely send money when I can and will be buying all my decks through the aeclectic links from now on.


Can you order more than one tarot deck (group them together into one order) through the aeclectic amazon.com link to save on shipping costs? I don't really know if this saves on shipping, but just wondering.


There are also other ways to help Solandia out: You could write reviews for decks. I think this is the option I wil take, cuz I am only on a pitiful part time wage at the moment, and have even had to cut down on my deck-buying so I can save for university!



I'd also like to see a link to Amazon.UK, I seem to be buying more things off them and its a shame for us who do use Amazon.UK to not be able to contribute.