What does the aeclectic forum mean to you?


I first used PayPal (aka PlayPal) on e-Bay and it has always done as promised. Besides clicking on the donate button in the announcement, you can also access http://www.paypal.com.


I would like to vote for not having the annoying banners. One of the reasons I like Aeclectic is because I do not have anything waving or flashing info in my face. I really would rather pay a membership fee and keep the ads off than to be constantly annoyed by the wiggling wormies.

Major Tom

Quote:faunabay (02 Feb, 2002 14:37):
I could live without Aeclectic -- but just barely!!! :) I LOVE IT HERE! :D And will do anything I can to help Solandia keep it up and running. Will definitely send money when I can and will be buying all my decks through the aeclectic links from now on.

Another chance to echo Faunabay! I love every member of this community as if they were family. I will definitely help any way I can.


The best ways of helping Aeclectic Tarot when buying from Amazon are:

- Click on an Aeclectic Tarot link to Amazon. Put the tarot deck into your shopping cart and then buy it. I receive 15% of your total purchase amount.

- Click on a link from Aeclectic Tarot, surf around Amazon a little bit. Put any item(s) into your shopping cart. I receive 5% of your total purchase amount.

Either way, if you're going to buy through Amazon, please go through an Aeclectic Tarot link first. (Also, if there is a specific item you want out of the catalogue that is not linked on my website, email me and I will send you the direct link so that Aeclectic Tarot receives the full 15% commission.)

And as requested, I have signed up as an associate of Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de. 5% of anything you buy through these links (or the links on the Support page will go to Aeclectic Tarot.


Thank you all, for your support.

~ Solandia


PS. Advertising banners are my very last resort. I've tried hard to keep them off the site so far. No banner exchanges or ad banners or logos cluttering up the site, because I don't like them either... :)

Amazon and other affiliate commissions, donations and possibly membership fees for extra features are my preferred options to keep the site running.

~ Solandia



I just signed up for PayPal, and made a donation to Aeclectic. I hope the other forumites will do the same.

I also hope that those who have and will contribute will also realize that we should probably do this on a yearly basis; that a single donation will help today, but there is always tomorrow to think about, too.

Every Imbolc?

On another forum I frequent ( paganpath.com) there is a public section and a (paid) members section. Those who pay a yearly fee have access to all sorts of goodies instead of just the chat forums that are open to anyone.


:( I can?t afford giving money away these days :(

What I have been able to do, and I truely hopes it helps a bit, is to make the announcement known on my webby, that aeclectic needs aid. I have linked aeclectic to this message and plead for folks to go through these pages when ever buying on-line - hope it helps on them percentages.

I would hate to loose aeclectic


volunteering you time, in lieu of money is also another way to assist the forum. become a moderator or assist in the new chat room!

we all find money for the things we love. if it means giving up that magazine for a couple of months, or gum or that pair of shoes that you don't really need but want anyways........send the cash to the forum instead.

if this place really does mean that much to you......make it happen.

(after all you can all afford your on-line servers!!!)

in light,

ps and in the meantime tarotbear made an excellent suggestion of everyone turning off their signatures to assist with loading times............... :)


Aeclectic is the Tarot community I always searched for. I have been learning so much since I came here, and hope to also have contributed to others. I am committed to purchasing my decks through this site when possible. I did try to access the pay pal option to make my donation, however I could not scroll down in the notice window to get to it (it would close) ... I need some technical assistance in order to make the donation. Thanks for you help and for helping me support this wonderful community.

Love & Light,


Jewel: there is also a donation link on this page:

Thank you,