What does the aeclectic forum mean to you?


HEY!!! :)
Solandia uploaded my review of "I Tarocchi Celtici"!!! :)
Now I do feel a bit better! Even though it's not much of a contribution...
Unluckily, that's the only type of contribution I'm allowed.
But I'll write others maybe...
Who knows.

Solandia: am at your complete availability! :)


I bought a used deck at amazon the other day, started bygoing through the link here to the deck then clicked on the used one, does aeclectic get a portion of the used decks priice? Im too poor to buy new decks lol (for thecurious, it was Tarot of the Cat People, cost me 9.11 including shipping lol)


Quote:Solandia (13 Feb, 2002 13:45):
Jewel: there is also a donation link on this page:

Thank you,

:( PayPal hates me! ... Yesterday I tried to sign up with the address Kaz sent me, and today with the link you gave me Solandia. For some reason it keeps saying I am missing information when I am not!!!! It always deletes my password ... and yes I made sure it had at least 8 characters. Solandia, would you be able to cash a personal check from the US? or a money order? For now I did what I could, applied to be a volunteer, but I would still like to contribute financially as well.

Love & Light,


Pollux: Your review of i Tarocchi Celtici was excellent... I would like to see more reviews from you :)

Liliana: unfortunately Amazon.com does not pay a commission on used items. New books and items only.

~ Solandia


OK my Webmaster!
I'll take it as an official request. :)
Thee days are BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! :(
But I'll surely come up with something else. I promise.
I'm happy you appreciated it. ;D


This forum means a lot to me, I Love you all!! Solandia , I was wondering the same thing as Jewel. Would you take a US money order? It's the same as cash but would be much smarter to send through the mail than cash. That would probubly be the way I would be able and willing to pay. Most unfortunately , I cannot right now , but hopefully I make some $ in the future here soon!