What does this dream mean?


Last night I dreamt I was in a flood. For some reason, I was with my teenage son and a little girl (who may have represented my sister when she was about 8 or 9, she's now 24). We were in a house in Massachusetts (but I live in Pennsylvania). I think we were there on vacation. Anyway, we were in this house that looked down on a lot of other homes, like a housing development. We could see about 3 or 4 blocks away, all the houses perfectly lined up. And then, there was either the ocean or a really big lake. I remembered thinking in the dream that all that water wasn't supposed to be there, so we all were running around shutting windows and stuff, and running up to the second floor. Well, when we looked out again, the water had covered all the other homes and was now rising up around the house we were in. The lights were still on and either the radio or TV was still on. When we looked out again, all we could see out the windows was water, and it was starting to seep in through the walls and windows. We were all holding on to each other, then I woke up. And couldn't get back to sleep! It was raining when I went to sleep, and there were a few rumbles of thunder passing through. We really need the rain, we've been in a drought for a while now and some places have water restrictions ~ no car washing, no burning, stuff like that. That's the conscious connection I can make, but I wonder what it all stood for! Any ideas?


I was always told that in dreams water represents your emotions, and that drowning in it or going under against your will in the dream can signify being overtaken by your emotions, burdened by them, out of control... Maybe your dream is telling you that at the moment you fear your emotions taking over you like that, and you long to hold onto the control of the situation logically...

Any help?



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Hi, Jeanette!

I'm no whiz at interpreting, but I do have a few questions for you about the dream...maybe they'll help illuminate the dream's meaning. ;)

You said "we were all holding each other" at the end of the dream. Now you were with your teenage son and a little girl, right? Were you holding them as if you were an equal to them, or as a parent who is protecting them? I think the fact that you were holding on to someone and not alone says that you while you may be becoming overwhelmed (submerged?) by something, you have someone to hold on to. If you felt more like an equal to them, maybe something in your life is making you feel helpless. If you felt more like a parent, maybe you think you need to protect your loved ones against something that is overwhelming.

I think it's interesting that the lights were on and the radio/TV was on. It's like things were *supposed* to be normal, everything is just fine, the water isn't a problem at all, and so on. Did you have a feeling like, "Are we the only ones who are alarmed by this flood?"

The fact that the house was set up higher than the others, and that you could see the water rising through the windows might be your subconscious' way of telling you that you can (or should be able to) see what's coming. Do you feel particular predictive lately? Maybe you're seeing signs about something that's going to happen, but your conscious mind hasn't put the pieces together yet.

So...I hope my speculations have been thought provoking for you. I'll be interested to see what Isthmus Nekoi has to say, too. He's *very* good with dreams! :)



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Jeanette> Floods are a very powerful archetypal image. Flooding is related to the destruction of an old world order - you can find this motif in many world religions/myths. Water has a cleansing aspect in the flooding, so it's like cleaning out as well as destroying. Perhaps this dream coincides w/the cleansing energies of the vernal equinox? Water also signifies libido, or like Kiama said, emotion, which is related to libido... All archetypes have their dualities - so water destroys, but gives life...

I'm sure the water restrictions have something to do with your dream imagery - perhaps a synchronistic relation to how you feel?

Hm... Houses I'm not so familiar with. Although here we have a bunch of houses and this water which 'shouldn't be there'. So this seems to me to be a blocked libido, or psychic energy which needs to be integrated into consciousness. You mention all the houses look the same, so it could be a social order, or a conscious order/system that relates to something close to you, or close to home, as it were. What Melvis said the your relationships could be very relevant here. It would probably be a good idea to be attentive to following dreams to help you understand what the this one is all about.

I should mention that my interpretation isn't the be all end all - the only thing I do is highlight a little history and try to amplify symbolism the best I can across as many cultures as possible. In the end, what is most important is how an individual works w/the dream imagery. Amplification offers the uncon generals, but you've got to fill in the con details ^_^

Good luck!


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Oh, my goodness. I had no idea that this dream had so much symbolism going on! And all the interpretations really are so relevant. A day or so before the dream, I had a strange feeling of something bad about to happen, but nothing really came of it. In the dream I was more of a parent, protecting my son and sister. I have felt "blocked" lately, too, I even had my thyroid tested to see if the med. needs to be adjusted. I am going to be more attentive and see what develops. THANK YOU ALL for the great input!

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