What ever happened to------?


I was just reading some old posts and came across the hilarious thread for making a redneck tarot. Did anyone ever actually start one of those? I'll bet it would sell like crazy, just for the novelty of it. I wish someone would actually do one.

My daughter told me I should design a bag lady tarot. I'm a recovering alcoholic (going on 18 years now) and I thought that would be a cute one, too.

Would these themes offend serious tarotists, do you think? I'm serious and they both strike me as being great and very humorous ideas, but then----I'm the one who got 15 theme decks before I caught on that I couldn't learn traditional tarot from them, so what do I know? LOL


That's a cute deck, but I kind of liked the ideas posted to the board better. You know------cups being moonshine jugs and such. But this is really a comical deck he's come up with too. It would certainly be a novelty deck. I'd buy one.


Naow, dangit! -- thar's anuther deck Ah want! That there's the fall-down-funniest thang Ah seen since the last episode'a South Park. Shee--oot!