What happens when your cards wear out?


I totally agree with Morwenna, a lost card would make my deck useless. Aside from that though, a worn-in Tarot deck is like an old pair of jeans -- nothin' better


Losing a card would suck big time. But I think I would be tempted to use a fly card as a replacement, especially if the deck is quite rare. Some publishers also offer single card purchases but that's quite uncommon. It might be a good idea to email the publisher, just in case they provide that.


I have had the Joie de Vivre tarot for a while and have used it pretty heavily. I noticed that on several of the cards, the glossy finish is scratched and on some of them, the image is starting to wear away in places, leaving these white patches! The scratches I don't mind much, but is there anything I can do about the chipped parts of the images?

Honestly, it's never yet happened to me and I've been reading 15 years. I do have almost 120 decks and use them all.So no one deck gets a whole lot of use.

But I would not be happy using a deck either that was worn out as you said. The first thing to me would be to get a new copy of the deck, but then what to do with the old one? I think I would combine them the first 2-3 times just to get the memories of the old one into the new. :heart:

Might make for some interesting readings too. But then I would retire the old one. I can't see throwing a deck, but I might use if for bookmarks or artwork of some sort. Maybe make a vision board featuring some of the cards glued on to inspire me to achieve my goals.

I know some people add a card to bd or Christmas cards with an explanation of what you wish for that person that year regarding that card and how much the deck has meant to you. That you have loved it well, as you have them.