What is a psychic vampire?


Can someone explain to me what a psychic vampire is?
The reason I am asking is because at times and mostly lately with an indiviual I always feel drained around this person.

Can someone explain all there is to know, and how I can protect myself. I am not clear on the subject. But I do think it has something to do with being drained.

thank you


What do vampires do? They suck blood.
Psychics stereotypically...? Read energies.

Psychic vampire - Someone who sucks your energy.

I have trouble protecting myself too, the only way I know how to is not to be around that person anymore. Trust your vibes.


How to protect yourself?

I am just reading here. Its very intereting. This thread below is shedding some light on an issue that has puzzled me about person I know.


I would like to know how to protect myself though. Sometimes it can be impossibe to avoid, depending on the situation.


Keep a glass of water nearby when these type of people are around. Just visualize their negative vibes going into the glass of water.

When they leave..take that water and throw it outside off of your property. Don't flush it down the sink, get it off your property line. Mountain water is what I use. That's good for psychic attacks too.

Blue onyx is also a protective type of stone. My pendulum is blue onyx..so I have that handy.

I have read for a few of the these types of sitters, and it hasn't been pleasant. These folks for some reason are attracted to psychic's and tarot readers. They like the havoc that they cause.


its all about intention, create your visualisation depending on what suits you (i pick a spacesuit, covered by a dark jacket as its quick and simple...bit like me) and i then know i am protected...


Thanks toxicmage

I have never seen a blue onyx before. I had a black one. But I think that is for healing..grounding. My mother sent me a pair of earings years ago with black onyx.

thank you

Dusk Till Dawn

I always use my Black Turmalin when I know people like that will be around me.
For me it's the best one out there.


Visualising a transparent wall between the two of us.

You know it just came to me that I think I had a thread on this a coouple of years ago. I`m going to look through and check it out.


Cross your legs at the ankles and touch your fingertips together. Dunno why, but it works. I read it somewhere quite a while ago.

ana luisa

Nice thread! I just wanted to add that psychic vampires do not necessarily know they are doing this "sucking up" of energies. That may be unconscious and they may be completely unaware of their "skills/influence". It is also a bit difficult to spot; I have known men and women of different ages who did that. The last one I met was a student of mine, all happy and giggly, 15, freckled. No sticking canines to give her talents away....