What is your favorite/s card in your own deck?


I thought it might be interresting for us to talk about what card/s in our own decks we liked the most and why? Is there one card that you can point to and say "gee that one turned out really nice" or "this one is my absolute favorite?"



I don't really have a favourite from either deck (though I'll think about this and see if I can answer better). For now, I just know that the card in our new deck that never fails to make me laugh is the Four of Pentacles - this is SUCH a terrifically cross cat!



Baba-prague, I must have missed this one in the main thread - that's an incredible expression!

isthmus nekoi - you've said you found most of these images on the web, but wherever did did you find that magnificent coiled snake skeleton? Sometimes luck is simply a manifestation of infinite patience. (Hmm. Not often that I come up with something original that sounds like a quote - got to remember that one.)

Hudson Gray, I agree, although I kind of lean to the one with the bags of Ferret Chow as a close second.


Well, I had one of those frustrating days yesterday, as I did post to say that I really like the Temperance card Astra - but the post vanished (my machine kept freezing yesterday - just running too many applications at once I think). I hadn't seen it before - no idea why as I thought I'd been through the whole deck - so it was also really nice to see it here.

I have to say that I like all these cards - and I'll be interested to hear what other designers choose.

Our Four of Pentacles - yes, NO-ONE is going to get that Pentacle off him are they?


thanks dolphingirl for the question...It is a good one... and really interesting to see what creators think of their stuff...

I agree with Astra, how can I choose only one of my children??? and then , some cards i like, because of their meaning (I love the Fool, The Empress and The World), some I like beacsue of their number (The World-21), some because it was so fun doing them (Death), and some it was SO hard doing them-I feel investment makes you appreciate something? (That would be my Queen of Rods)...

talk...talk but no answer from me, ah?
Well, so If I'd have to choose, I'd choose my Devil, simply becasue the art of this card just changed my relationship with getting THIS card-I no longer dread it...
i made peace with my own Devil...:)



I there M-Press

Wow you have a really neat deck there! You don't have to limit yourself to just once card (I can't either :) )

For my deck Samantha's Tarot I have several favorites for different reasons.

Chariot - This card is really special to me and is one I did with my mother in mind. My mom was a very special person who raised me on her own, she never had a car and did without alot for me. Her love in life was German Shepherd Dogs, she collected just about everything with them on it but her favorites were her postcard collection and her stuffed animal collection . She was the strongest bravest person I ever met and after she passed away I was going through some of her papers and I found an old clipping from a newspaper of a picture of a german shepherd dog pulling a card with a person in it and it really stuck with me. So when I started doing my deck and thought of the Chariot card this image came to my mind and just wouldnt' leave. So I did it as kind of a rememberance to my mom :)

The Knight of Wands - I worked really hard to come up with court cards that really reflected the kinds of people that they represented to me. One of my all time favorites turned out to be the knight of wands which is a woman rock climbing using her fingers and toes to climb a rock that many people would never think could be climbed. I love the way the watercolors blended in the background and how the colors came out. Nothing is going to stop this woman from climbing to the top :)


I could go on and on and on as I do love talking about the images on my deck lol


Thanks dolphingirl,

having been the fortunate recipient of your deck recently, I love knowing these stories behind the cards. I drew the Knight of Wands recently, and I love it as well. I grew up in a town that borders the Joshua Tree National Monument and used to do both free and rope climbing, so I can appreciate both the thrill and the challange involved.