What Numerology System do use? Chaldean, Pythagorean. Pinnacle method, 9-square


Made a search online but cannot find a decent numerology forum.

Most adovate and explain the Life Path/Destiny Pinnacle approach, no discussions. Neither have I seen any that discuss or employ the 9-square grid. And yet Pythagoras (Arrows of Pythagoras), Jason Cooper, Norman Shine, Robin Stein use it. And possibly others I have'nt come across.

Do you have your own alphanumber meaning?
How do you access traits for career possibilities, relationships etc.?

I know of at least 7 alphanumber systems, wondering what others use:-
Sepharials Hebrew
Sepharials Unit System
Kominsky (like Cavendish but C =2 and X = 5)
Pye and Coates (Same)
Ulian System (Jason Cooper)




Hey there,

I am going to give a pretty basic response - sorry.

I am not too sure which numerology system I use. However, I am interested in the work of Christine Delorey and Carole Adrienne. So, I use whatever they use - essentially.

I am also familiar with Hans Decoz. So, I have just worked out my life path number (5) and expression number (9) using him and the rest has been history.

After that, I just internet search and find the relevant information needed to assess compatibility and personality traits etc.

Hans offers software for calculations etc.

Not sure if that answered your question, but it is better than nothing (I hope!)


"Not sure if that answered your question, but it is better than nothing (I hope!)"

Yes I agree, better than nothing!
So you use the Pinnacle method, Life path, Destiny etc. Just like everyone else.

Thank you for responding,



I am most familiar with Pythagorean numerology, which I definitely appreciate!
I appreciate its history, I suppose you could call it.

That said, besides a few books on Pythagorean, most of the internet research I have done gives principles, but doesn't address which methodology they are using. So I now what resonates with me, and what doesn't. However I wouldn't be able to put a name to it, I suppose.

I am always interested in good book recommendations so that I may expand my knowledge, if you have any favorites!


Diverse numerology

I'm happy you posted this question. I wasn't aware of the different systems outside of Pythagorean. I love 'Numerology and the Divine Triangle' by Faith Javane.