What Spreads Do you Use When Working With Playing Cards?


Mostly I've been studying the hedgewytch way of reading playing cards and mostly have been doing either a set of 3 cards of the 3x3 method. But recently I've been wanting to try other spreads but unsure of which work for playing cards and which don't.

So I'm curious what others working with playing cards use when doing readings.


I have used several different spread for different contexts:

Looking ahead I like to tie cards to weeks (with thanks to Ana Cortez) and so would use a four-card spread to look ahead at the next month.

For longer, deeper readings, I have used a 3x3 grid where the columns relate to past, present, future and the rows relate to head, heart and spirit.

Recently, particularly in my coffee shop gigs where short and snappy readings are often required, I have found myself using a two card - challenge & solution spread.

EDIT: Just seen this thread is two years old! Oops, sorry for the "resurrection bump".


And what's wrong with resurrection bumps? I'm doing it too. :D

If it was worth asking, it's worth answering, whenever. And it brings things to the attention of more recent discoverers.

As for me, the last time I used playing cards (and it's been a while; I'm only getting back into it) there were two sources of spreads that I had: one, Nerys Dee's book; the other, a friend of mine who taught me (and several other people) some Scandinavian spreads.

You could, I suppose, use Tarot spreads.