What the HELL just happened?


Nothing gets me out of bed at night. But I'm totally 100% wigged out scared. I was half asleep & an ornery spirit started throwing stars at me. I got irate, thinking 'how DARE you do this to me?!' I focused with all my intent on one star, sending my will to it in anger (it turned into a drawn star made of cobalt blue dots) & it started either getting bigger or I was getting much closer. At the same time a really loud rumbling started that actually vibrated my entire body (it was real!) & I knew I had an instant to make a choice - to stop or keep going. I could actually physically feel myself rising toward it & I've had OOB's - this was very different. Very. And the noise was horrible. I immediately woke up but the rumbling & vibration continued, I'm not sure how long altogether - I tried to call out to Paul next to me but I was frozen. It gradually subsided but I'm terrified. What the hell was that?


Wow! I have no idea what happned to you, but I wanted to give you a hug.






I'll go with that was SCARY!!

-ginormous hugs-


Thanks. I just got up again; I'm kinda afraid to go to sleep. I'll try again in a minute. You know, this happened a few months ago, something similar anyway. It's really hard to explain, the intense feeling of will, of power, an absolute 'knowing' that I could lift a car with a finger or, do anything, it's that strong. That time I found myself bounding around the ceiling & freaked out because I couldn't control it, & I've had those nice floaty out of body experiences but this is different, too intense. I think I did it to myself & then freaked out. God, that noise was awful - like a hundred horses, an earthquake, rhythmic yet going in & out in intensity, WAaah, WAaah,WAaah. Pleasant dreams.


canid said:
God, that noise was awful - like a hundred horses, an earthquake, rhythmic yet going in & out in intensity, WAaah, WAaah,WAaah.
I KNOW that sound! It's like the rushing of the blood in your ears and through your brain, but instead of just that, it's like you're one of the cells in the blood and it's pulsing around you and through you with every beat of your heart - but you can't hear or feel the heart itself beating because of the rush of everything around you. It's freaky, isn't it??


haha, pleasant dreams indeed!!!! what i'm going to say may be slightly controversial, or condsidered as 'dismissive' to your experience, but let me say that is not my intention.

your experience sounds completely terrifying. i'd be freaked out, too!!! but then again, i've never had a single OOBE. i believe what you experienced is completely real, the part i wish to address is the feeling you had that you were paralyzed. many people will know what i'm talking-sleep paralysis. perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, in your half asleep state, you had that terrible experience, and then your brain woke up, but what happens is your BODY doesn't wake up. so literally, you are conscious, but you have no control over your body yet (hence, the not being able to call out to your bed partner). sleep paralysis usually happens just before you completely fall asleep-when your brain is in it's alpha state- just like you described.

sleep paralysis is pretty common, but i will say it is a common complaint in households where the occupants believe they have spirits in their home. so could this be something else, that does have to do with spirits? absolutely.

i hope this helps a little. and just to say again: I COMPLETELY RESPECT THE EXPERIENCE YOU HAD. i'm only offering an opinion of what i think may have happened once you "woke up". i hope you don't my post offending in any way, that is not my intention.


I know exactly how you feel. I've had one experience where I felt like I couldn't move and that there was a menacing entity sitting at the edge of my bed. As soon as I could move, all the lights came on and I got the dog in bed with me. More recently, it felt like I was awake and an invisible entity had grabbed both my ankles and was pulling me down the bed... however, I realized at that moment, I was still sleeping and my physical body hadn't moved. But I felt wide awake and completely aware - so I know it wasn't a dream. That same night I was "jumping" on the bed and floating around the room while my physical body was still soundly asleep next to my husband.

You aren't alone! It's probably safe to try to go back to sleep... I can't say I've had the same experience happen again in one night.


Dancing Bear

I haven't experienced what you have, But another forum i belong to concentrates on OBE's and dream interpretations..
and someone else had a similar kind of experience that you had.. and as scary as it is.. I am sure they all pointed it to being in the middle of an OBE..
its like you are stuck between floors in an elevator.
Many people experienced stars and or large water droplets coming at them.. also along with the noise you heard.. which is like a stampede coming towards you.. without seeing the elephants.

I have absolutely no idea whether this is what you experienced. but it definantly sounds very much like they had described.

((((((((Big Hug to you)))))))


Sounds very much like a deep OOB to me. I often think that when you stand looking upwards at a sky where snow is falling gently, its the same sort of visual. The vibration and noise just seem to go with the territory but its nothing to be scared of.

If it happens again, see where you go. :)