What the HELL just happened?


cricket said:
I KNOW that sound! It's like the rushing of the blood in your ears and through your brain, but instead of just that, it's like you're one of the cells in the blood and it's pulsing around you and through you with every beat of your heart - but you can't hear or feel the heart itself beating because of the rush of everything around you. It's freaky, isn't it??

YES! And sooo intense! At first cool, but then it all got out of control. I 'was' a cell, & even tho I woke up, my body couldn't. Sleep paralysis? This was way more than that, I've had that happen before.


Dancing Bear said:
I am sure they all pointed it to being in the middle of an OBE..
its like you are stuck between floors in an elevator.
Many people experienced stars and or large water droplets coming at them.. also along with the noise you heard.. which is like a stampede coming towards you.. without seeing the elephants.((((((((Big Hug to you)))))))

At least I'm not alone, & it WAS like waking up in the middle of an OOB with nowhere to go, stuck in 'limbo'.

Stars?! And the elevator analogy kinda fits. Could you send me that link? Thank you!


misfitknits said:
haha, pleasant dreams indeed!!!! what i'm going to say may be slightly controversial, or condsidered as 'dismissive' to your experience, but let me say that is not my intention.

your experience sounds completely terrifying. i'd be freaked out, too!!! but then again, i've never had a single OOBE. i believe what you experienced is completely real, the part i wish to address is the feeling you had that you were paralyzed. many people will know what i'm talking-sleep paralysis. perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, in your half asleep state, you had that terrible experience, and then your brain woke up, but what happens is your BODY doesn't wake up. so literally, you are conscious, but you have no control over your body yet (hence, the not being able to call out to your bed partner). sleep paralysis usually happens just before you completely fall asleep-when your brain is in it's alpha state- just like you described.

sleep paralysis is pretty common, but i will say it is a common complaint in households where the occupants believe they have spirits in their home. so could this be something else, that does have to do with spirits? absolutely.

i hope this helps a little. and just to say again: I COMPLETELY RESPECT THE EXPERIENCE YOU HAD. i'm only offering an opinion of what i think may have happened once you "woke up". i hope you don't my post offending in any way, that is not my intention.

Thank you! I've done research on sleep paralysis because it happened to me about 10 years ago. That was frightening too, but this was very different. No one was 'holding' me down, there was no entity, (well, heehee, except for that spirit flinging stars but it went away), just a different sensation entirely. It was like I 'was' the vibration, not just engulfed helplessly.


Milfoil said:
Sounds very much like a deep OOB to me. I often think that when you stand looking upwards at a sky where snow is falling gently, its the same sort of visual. The vibration and noise just seem to go with the territory but its nothing to be scared of.

If it happens again, see where you go. :)

I've heard the noise before, just not so intense. I know I keep saying 'intense' but that's the only way to describe it. And I remember telling myself there's nothing to be afraid of, you've been here before, yet I lost control.


Hope You're Feeling Better Today, Canid

Sounded horrifying, but I was glad to see you post today.



(((canid))) that sounds terrifying. I've never had an OOB, deliberately or otherwise, and don't want to, as I think that would totally freak me out. But I've had some dreams that got to me. One that is still clear in my mind had big blue griffins flying at me. I woke in terror.

The blue star in yours, the noise, and other details, made me think about accounts I've read of Kundalini awakenings, though. Those can be terrifying. But the star - how many points did it have, I wonder? Well, who knows what it means?

I can understand not wanting to go right back to sleep.... I hope you have a better sleep tonight.


canid said:
Nothing gets me out of bed at night. But I'm totally 100% wigged out scared. I was half asleep & an ornery spirit started throwing stars at me. I got irate, thinking 'how DARE you do this to me?!' I focused with all my intent on one star, sending my will to it in anger (it turned into a drawn star made of cobalt blue dots) & it started either getting bigger or I was getting much closer. At the same time a really loud rumbling started that actually vibrated my entire body (it was real!) & I knew I had an instant to make a choice - to stop or keep going. I could actually physically feel myself rising toward it & I've had OOB's - this was very different. Very. And the noise was horrible. I immediately woke up but the rumbling & vibration continued, I'm not sure how long altogether - I tried to call out to Paul next to me but I was frozen. It gradually subsided but I'm terrified. What the hell was that?

YIKES! It DOES sound scary and confusing. But, I wonder, and I am taking a different approach here-- but....

do you think perhaps this spirit was meaning to hurt you? I wonder throwing stars at you--were they hurting you? or is this a way of sending you power? There is so much that we do not understand out there--and when I first began to read this, it was my thoughts that perhaps it was not a bad spirit and the stars coming at you were not meant to hurt you in anyway. maybe it was some kind of 'initiation' or even some kind of blessing, and sending you power.

how did you know this spirit was trying to hurt you?

I also mention this because I have read that the vibrations and sounds are actually good things to experience. some people have reported hearing a train speeding towards them, and was quite frightened by the sound, but unable to move. I often hear buzzing sounds in my ears, as if it's a bee, and it usually scares me, (I'm allergic to bees). some hear the sounds of waterfalls--some describe the sounds as very peaceful others describe the sound of the rushing water frightening. and many people described these sounds as seemingly going right through their bodies and could also feel it vibrating their entire body, and the feeling of this was very over powering. it always seemed to occur when a spiritual break through was about to be made.

these experiences also almost always occur with an OBE, also. I cannot recall the names of the authors of some books I've read on OBEs and Astral Traveling, and such, but I do recall these same sort of experiences with these OBEs and Astral Travels-both that were brought on unexpectedly and purposely.


Nevada, I can still *see* the star - it had 5 points. It was one of those you would draw, connecting the corners, only it was lit cobalt dots instead of lines. Kundalini. I wonder.

CN, I don't know whether the spirit was trying to hurt me, but I don't think so. I was more irate because I was being interrupted. That's unlike me tho - I don't anger easily. All of my other OOBs were exciting & fun.

Last night I dreamed of my dad. He was alive, & I asked him if he didn't remember being dead these past 10 years - he said no, it wasn't that long to him. It was so REAL I was crying tears of joy because *they* let him come back for a while.


Canid, what a great visit with your dad.


canid said:
Last night I dreamed of my dad. He was alive, & I asked him if he didn't remember being dead these past 10 years - he said no, it wasn't that long to him. It was so REAL I was crying tears of joy because *they* let him come back for a while.

what a nice visit to have from your father. :)

I will tell you, from my own experiences with spirit, that time 'there' is not like time here. he probably doesn't realize he has been gone for ten years. it may seem only like 10 days to him!

and, perhaps this is what that first dream was all about---throwing the stars at you so that you could have this visit with your father.

I am willing to bet that you will have more visits now. I think the first visit is probably the hardest for spirit, as it takes so much energy for them to show themselves to us. they are always around us, but to be able to 'show' themselves is not very easy. now that you've had this experience, talk to your dad and share your life with him--good and bad, just as if he were still alive and you'd be talking on the phone with him. and then once in awhile, try to make contact with him again. It will get easier as time goes on, I think.

I bet you will be able to connect easier with other spirits as well. be prepared! :)