What the HELL just happened?


Demon Goddess said:
I have just asked now and here is her response: (Moderator, feel free to split this out and move it to somewhere more appropriate if this is off-topic)

The cards: The Tower (Rx), The Sun XIX, The Fool (Rx):

You refuse to tear down the false beliefs, but it is time. Your ego likes to control the game and for the most part you are happy to allow it to do so, but at the molecular level, it is time for you to move on and until you do you are destined to live in the outer solid world rather than within yourself where happiness and indeed your destiny lie.

Your happiness depends upon it. If you want it, if you take the active motivation to seek it, then it can be yours, but so long as you look at dreams such as this with fear then you cannot begin your journey.

She essentially wants you to explore the most fearsome parts of the nightmare as this is a required phase in your journey.

Thank you so much for asking. True, I DO want control over it. To a certain extent. Isn't that human nature - how we are made? The entire journey is internal, the worlds are inside - we're on the outside, hoping for a glimpse within, sometimes actively seeking it & succeeding, but they're definitely there, inside, not 'out there' somewhere amongst the clouds. I spend a lot of time inside. :shhh: So, since I actually caused this with my will by intensely focusing, I should retry it? And hope the vibrations don't rip me apart? :laugh: I can do that, I think. Maybe...


Demon Goddess said:
Thinking about people's energies and "life after death", did you ever wonder, can they come to you after they have stepped into their next life?
I've wondered that too. :)


It happened again last night, minus the star tossing snarky spirit. I almost got up to come post here but I didn't want to hear any snide comments about getting over my 'bad dream'. This is just awesome, & now I know what it is. It started with that loud rhythmic noice/vibration & I was immediately startled for a moment, then decided to go with it. I went with it all right, clear up to the ceiling! (I instinctively began spewing heartfelt prayers to every god, goddess, Christ & angel in existence. This is WAAY frightening.) Then jolted right back. That 'flying' sensation was unmistakable, I've experienced it many times, just not while physically awake. That sensation is simply sublime. It's MUCH more pronounced when you're actually awake, let me tell ya. I've travelled astrally before, & to places that I've later verified, so it's not a totally new thing for me, but this awake part certainly is novel. When it happens again I'm more prepared - I'm going to experiment with it. 'Think' myself somewhere & see what happens.


I don't mean anything derogatory by this. I'm just being honest about my own experience. The only time I've ever experienced this same kind of thing is during my alcoholic DT's. Same thing and variations of it.

DT's, for those who don't know exactly what that is, refers to delirium tremens, which is a hallucigenic effect that happens when one's body is denied its usual supply of alcohol. It's terrifying. With alcoholics, depending on how long they've been drinking, it can go on for days sometimes.

I'm not suggesting you're an alcoholic, canid. I don't even know if you drink or not. But the point is, something may have made you hallucinate that experience, in my opinion. Either your reaction to something you ate or a medication you took or something.

I've also experienced sleep paralysis, which isn't a good experience, either, but it's a different kind of experience.


very interesting, canid.

I have 'travelled' while fully awake as well---but never had this type of feeling attached to it. perhaps your traveling is different from mine somehow. I never actually 'leave' the area where I am, except in my mind. but, i can vividly 'feel' where I have travelled to, and have visited people, and other areas. I can feel the wind blowing on my face, and feel the soft grass under my feet. other then that, the sensation you felt w/this experience is not like one I've experienced. I hope it does continue for you and that each time you learn a little bit more with it. HAPPY TRAVELS! :)