What will/won't you create?


Here's a winner warmer :D

Having read the thread on tarot erotica - what's your opinion under Tarot Decks

I would like to put the question to you ALL

How far would you go with erotica or porn design wise?

Would you design such deck in the first place?

Is there any decks that you would not even dream about designing? ….Porn, 3D, clones….

I would like to do create a erotica deck or soft porn some day. I wouldn’t have anything hardcore or abusive, that’s where I draw the line. I also wouldn’t like to think that people will use such decks for readings.

Last but not least I wouldn’t even think about doing a 3D deck.

Go on put down your pencils and mouse for 5 mins and give me your opinions please.


I'll have to think about this and write back later... Right now my mind is swimming with visions of Tarot translated into 3D porn....

Insomnia Turtle

Personally, if anyone would pay me to do it, would draw anything they wanted me to. Of course, this is coming from a person who makes a majority of her living drawing hardcore erotica (Ah, the life of a freelancer...)

However, if I were to ever make a personal erotic deck, if I would make one with a mix of both soft and hard. I am new to tarot when it comes to reading, but I feel that decks that are more diverse in whatever theme they are trying to portray are much more appealing than one that is all happy and one that is all dark.

This is of course, only the opinion of one who will probably never make an erotic deck.


I dont think I would ever make an erotic deck. Some cards just are not right for being transformed in an erotic way. I can't imagine that a deck which is forced to be based on a theme can ever appeal to me. To me it is importand that each card represents the right feeling without having a theme distracting me.
I guess an erotic deck is nice to own and have readings with lovers with, but that would be just for fun and not really about serious issues. But readings about sexuality might benifit from an erotic deck, though I would only use it on a person that was very close to me. Gazing at erotic pictures with strangers just doesn't feel right to me.


I sort of agree, there's so much baggage hung up on erotica & sex that I think it would interfere with the actual reading or, at the very least, disconcert the one you're reading for to such a degree that they won't hear what you're saying.

If it was a deck for me, that's a different thing (and I still probably wouldn't design one that way as it doesn't speak to me on broad levels--sex is too fine tuned). So.......I dunno. No I probably wouldn't design one based on erotica.


The feel factor

The think the main reason why I would like do a erotic/soft porn deck is to provoke feelings. I would have it all balanced out, with out it appearing too stong as was mentioned before by Insomnia Turtle.

I agree with what temperlyne said....."Some cards just are not right for being transformed in an erotic way"
It would be some job trying to do such a deck, if doing a "normal" deck isn't hard enough.

The other reason for me not wanting to do a 3D deck is becuse it does nothing for me. However saying that the deck which I'm slowly working on is very flat and I would like to say that it will show feelings.

going just a tad off the subject....

Some time ago I made a couple of illustrations which where both provoking. I had no intention of the first image turning out like so and I love it to bits and think it's sweet, those how have seen it think it's a bit off.

The 2nd image ... I don't think I would like to show it to anyone or not tell them the back ground as it was far to distressing. I know at that time I was feeling :mad: and it came out in my work which was good.

I think if any artist who wants to provoke anger, love....... in their work and has a response they have done a good job:D it works! It might end up as a career suicide for the artist or a known piece of work.

I guess this is what erotic/soft porn decks do.

Don't worry I'm not one of those sick artists who uses dead body parts.

Insomnia Turtle

Maud - "Career suicide"... Ha, ha! I love it!

I know I've already said my peice, but since this is technically a thread on creating an erotic deck I figure that discussing the reprocussions of doing so would still be considered on topic.

I find it sad that anyone would not consider doing an erotic deck just because they were afraid of "career suicide", especially if they really wanted to. You only live once so why not have a little fun? And besides, if your normal career suffers for it, more likely than not it could become a sweet start for your career in erotic art :).

Still worried mom is going to find out? Create an online personality! Make up a cheesy porn-star name and you're good to go. What do you think I've been doing these past 5 years in my erotic career? Not that I'm ashamed of it. Far from it. But I don't only do erotic peices and I know that some people have difficulty hiring a known erotic artist, just as people who want porn have a hard time commissioning (sp?) a female who does children's animation.

So the world gets two of me:
Happy and Sweet Insomnia Turtle, and Nasty Whipwielding Insomnia Turtle.


I can easily see most of the cards symbolised in an erotic context, and would have no problem with working on or owning such a deck if it was done well.



hi guys--

yes, there are definitely cards which will go over to the erotic easily. and i have no problem with that one. the deck i'm working on has a few images which i consider erotic-- but only because that is the nature of the card. to do an entirely erotic deck seems to me to be along the lines of doing any theme deck; sometimes the images get a little forced .

or perhaps it's just that i can't see them that way; could be entirely my failing.

a 3-D tarot seems a bit strange to me-- I picture someone wearing those funny glasses while doing a serious reading.
but one thing i'm looking into is a morph program-- totally on-line. you do a physical layout and type the cards and positions into the computer.

the program would morph one card into another in sequence.

anyhow, here's my strength-- the lion still needs a bit of work...

have a good wednesday


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hi ravenswing. I would like to discuss your cards if you want -- could you put them in a separate thread?