What would you say is the scariest/creepiest Tarot deck?


The Doreen Virtue deck :p


H.R. Giger Tarot


Hanson-Roberts. Hands down, creeps and freaks me out.


Wormweird Tarot


I second the Barbara Walker deck, too many negative cards for me to like it even with my, now, very open attitude to slightly strange decks. :)

The Bohemian Gothic is probably the creepiest I own. I like the artwork but as a deck, for me it doesn't work.


Hello, Kitty Tarot.

Creeps me out that not only was it printed, but it sells, too! :p


The Doreen Virtue deck :p
You may have been joking, but seriously, I was creeped out as I went through it the first time and have never looked at it again. Some of the faces and colouring are beyond weird and into Twilight Zone.

And, the Enochian. Now that one creeped me out so much that I actually got rid of it, and it was the art.