What's HAUNTING Your House?


OK, I admit, I love hearing ghost and haunting stories. But the rational side of me likes to look at what it could be and eliminate that for buying it hook, line and sinker. Do I believe there are things we don't know about, that there could be spirits or residual energy in places? ABSOLUTELY! I just know not EVERY case has a supernatural cause behind it. If you want to try to eliminate some things first before worrying (or being overjoyed about!) living in a haunted house, click....



Very interesting, GD! In the home we rent our bathroom door is always opening---however, it seems to only do so when I am in the shower. Rarely when I am using the toilet, NEVER when the hubby is showering, and THANK GOD never when we have company using the toilet. I do think it is still a pervert spirit though, as I also will put our heavy crock (trashcan) up against the door when I shower, and the blasted door will STILL open! I am use to it now, but at first it bothered me. Why do spirits always contact me in the shower? :laugh: I truly get spirits while in the shower as much as when I am meditating to contact them. It gets awfully crowded in there at times!


I agree, CN!

Geez, wonder what that spirit was like in life?

When I lived in L. A., my tv would go on at night, but then I realized there was a loose wire that was triggering it. I have had feelings about houses I didn't like and it didn't matter if there were no outward occurrences happening, it just felt...off. So I do believe there are definitely times something can't be accredited to a scientific, easy answer.

I would be thinking of padlocking the bathroom door when I took a shower! AHAHAHAAH


Well padlocks unfortunately cannot keep a spirit out! :laugh:

I think it is the man----old man who lived and died there four years ago. I knew him in life and he was a nice man over all. I delivered m.o.w. to him! A lonely hermit type. His nephew inherited the home. I dont think the old guy wants anyone in his home. He may not realize he is dead. I think he was born and lived his whole life here in this house, as I do know for a fact that his mother haunts it too. She also died there---in the diningroom. She, however, is mostly in the kitchen baking brownies. Though recently I could also smell some floral perfume, and I dont wear perfume. So think it was her. It smelled wonderful!

I think perhaps I may attract spirits, as I have never lived in a home that we didnt have spirit activity.

Our last rental was haunted too, with a spititwho enjoyed watching t.v too. Not only would they turn it on and off but even turn the volume up loudly! More then once we were awakened by a blaring t.v. at the wee hours of the morn. But when we moved to our newly bought home and took the t.v. with us, we never again had that issue.

What scared me the most in that particular rental was the knockingon the basement door that we often would get. From tbe inside of the basement ----and it was an awful basement. Wet and a dirt floor, that my hubby dubbed "the family crypt". :laugh:

That house and the homes around it were all haunted, and we and the neighbors always thought the spirits were comingfrom the funeral home right across from us.

Scarier yet was my poor neighbor, who was locked in her basementby a mischievious spirit in her home. She went down to the basement for a canned good stored there, and all of a sudden the door slammed shut and the sliding lock slid into place! She was stuck there, crying for a few hours till her hubby came home from work.

I have a ton of stories like these from the homes I have lived in and homes of my family members, neighbors and friends.

Funny thing is, myhubbynever believed in spirits till he married me. :laugh:


What? No psychic padlocks?

I was hoping you could do something to not only keep him from poppin the door, but poppin in as well! The fact you actually knew him makes it seem even stranger! But I know you can handle yourself....


I lived in a haunted neighborhood growing up.

Our neighborhood was built in the early 1960's, and was the end of new construction. Behind the houses across the street from us there was a gravel pipeline road, and then miles of trails and swamps down to the river. There was a bad feeling in the neighborhood, and the woods. My parents also felt it was haunted, kind of, although they were not superstitious people.

I always let our dogs inside when I was there alone, even when I was older, because of the creepy factor. And I saw a few things and had some strange experiences growing up. But it wasn't just our house - some of our neighbors had weird inexplicable stuff happen, too.

Many years later, I found out our neighborhood was built alongside an old wagon road that became the pipeline road in the early 1900's. It had originally been a main trail over the pass for the native americans. When the white settlers came, the miners of the time built houses in the area, and there were a few small farms. Whatever was left was probably demolished to built our neighborhood. As kids riding our bikes on the trails in the woods we found a few old falling down shacks, and there was also one small farm that some older folks lived in that survived until the 1980's. In our yard alone we found arrowheads, a few old pocket knives, an pair of stork embroidery scissors and a lot of other things buried in our yard. (My dad had a metal detector.)

It was a very strange neighborhood to grow up in. I never have felt uncomfortable being by myself in the house I live in now - not in the same way. No idea where the bad vibe came from. Some things I experienced led me to think it might be from the original people who used the land, but there were other things that made me wonder if it was from something else. I still don't know.


YOWZA VGimlet!

Great description. I know what you mean about places that feel, well, strange or off.

Old, grand, but isolated and empty houses would make me feel that way. OK, whether or not they were so grand, if they were old and empty and off to themselves. Strange how energy can so physically affect an area and how we feel.


I mentioned a house I lived in in another thread, it was a home built probably in the late 50's early 60's - on a busy road, not in a neighborhood. It was owned by a friend of mine, he built a deck up to one of the back bedrooms, and knocked a door into the wall, and that was my front door going into my now living room. The apartment was a living room, bath, and kitchen that was made out of another bedroom, then there was a staircase going up to the 3rd floor, a sort of dormered attic, a huge room, which had been re-finished, and this was my bedroom. The first floor was destined to be an office, but it was a few years before someone rented it...so mostly I was living in an empty house.

Before I moved in, my landlord sent a young friend of his over to help me wallpaper, a guy in his early 20's (as was I) who I think might lived in the house temporarily while he worked with my landlord to help fix the place up, though he didn't officially live there....I didn't talk to him much, he was very quiet, and I had a total meltdown after destroying 2 rolls of wallpaper trying to put it up - poor guy, I think I really freaked him out. At some point, I looked around and he was gone. I had a bad temper then, and often lost control of myself. Anyway, I moved in, and this guy not long after committed suicide, I think it was within a few weeks, and in his parents house. I don't think the wallpaper situation had anything to do with it.

Right away, a few strange things happened. And something weird - a friend was helping me move some stuff into the basement for storing - and we found 2 tombstones down there, possibly left behind by the old owner?? Pretty freaky. I got my landlord to get rid of them. The first thing that really freaked me out happened in the first week or so that I was there. There were 3 chained up hunting dogs next door - and these dogs went nuts when I first moved in, barked like crazy whenever they saw me, or whenever a friend came over - that's how I knew someone was around. It took those dogs months to get used to me and not make such a ruckus every time I came home. But one night, a few weeks after I moved in, it was really late, like 3am, there was NO SOUND from the dogs, when out of dead silence there was suddenly a loud fast knocking on my front door (this is the door off the deck, which faced the backyard - dark and empty back there, no houses, just a wooded area behind me.) As you can imagine, it scared me out of my wits to be woken up like that. There had yet to be installed a light outside the door, so it was pitch black out there. From inside, i said "Who's there?" and no one answered. It was only later that I realized that the dogs had been quiet, didn't bark, didn't make a sound. Well, there was no way in hell I was opening that door. Whoever it was didn't knock again. Later, my landlord tried to tell me it was probably some kid, walking by, saw my lights on, wanted to scare me - but it was 3am, my lights were not on - and why didn't the dogs react? Strange.

The other strange things that happened is that I was always half asleep and hearing footsteps - it seemed like part of dream that I would wake up from, and then wonder did I really hear them or was it a dream? It sounded like someone walking on wood floors, which the apartment had in the kitchen, but the rest in my area of the house had been carpeted over. I also had more than one situation where I was getting ready to leave for work in the evening, and I just got that creepy feeling, like I had to get out of the house. Sort of like a tension that builds and builds...gotta go, gotta get out of here...then I'd be walking to my car and thinking about the house behind me, the empty windows, and the hair on the back of my head would stand up, I just had this feeling that someone was watching me from a third floor window. I had lots of friends, and when they would spend any amount of time with me , or spend the night, I was always getting strange comments, like - it's so QUIET here...or lonely, or creepy, just something weird about the place. Most times, i didn't feel it, and even wound up living there for 5 or 6 years, so other than these few weird incidents, it was nothing like the movies or anything....

Anyway, the really strange things that happened involved my cat, Daphne. She was a calm, sweet kitty. Very subdued. Now anyone who has cats knows that they can suddenly appear to hear something, stare off into space like they are listening....this was NOT like that....

I worked nights. I didn't get home till 3am, and was usually pretty wound up. ( worked in a bar) I didn't watch tv in those days, didn't even own one, so mostly I'd come home, get in bed, and read myself to sleep - and this is exactly what I was doing one night, Daphne curled up at my side - when suddenly her head whipped up and then her whole body in one fast movement leapt up onto all fours as she stared in intense concentration at the bedroom doorway. Of course I looked too...seeing nothing - within seconds every hair on her body and tail was up and her eyes practically bulged and the tension coming off of her was palpable - and this low growling yowl started in her throat and then came out of her mouth - the weirdest and most disturbing sound I ever heard a cat make. While I was taking all this in, like a shot she flew off the bed and underneath it, leaving me staring open mouthed at an "empty" bedroom doorway, behind it the dark landing at the top of the stairs.

This was no cat hearing an interesting sound somewhere. Someone - or something - was in that doorway. Something that scared the hell out of her - but what? Cats aren't afraid of the same things we are, they didn't grow up watching scary movies or reading ghost stories - what could have terrified her so much? I got off the bed and looked under, I wanted her to come out and act normal so that I could convince myself that everything was fine. There she was, under the bed, hunched into a little ball, still looking in the direction of the bedroom door - and drooling. It was awful.

And the thing is, this happened more than once - in the years I lived there, it happened 3 times, with long periods in between. Maybe what it was was not there at the house all the time - but every now and then, it would look in on me, only Daphne was the only one that could see it.

Anyway, that is the end of my adventures in the house on Burnt Mill Road. Eventually i moved out, into a more modern condo in the same town..I believe the house is still there, and still an office/apartment type deal.


I've never had any problems with the houses I've lived in. But, I have a knack for finding anomalies.


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Wow Amanda_04 that 4th pic is amazing!

I lived in my house now for 2 months, when I was still fixing it up, I saw a small girl, I was kneeling, painting on the stairway and she was beside me by my shoulder and I heard, "What are you doing"? Don't know if I heard it out loud or in my head. I saw her again a few days later on the opposite side of the wall. It was just a flash, and now I think "did I really see that". Other things that have happened, my bedside light came on in the middle of the night, It has never done it before or since, I set out a doll and it moved position (I didn't see it move) But I walked into my room and when I came back it had moved. I was walking past my house and the shade in my room was up and I went to shut it and it was down again. The thing that scared me the most, was being woke up in the middle of the night by something patting me on the stomach and said mama, and then it jumped on my stomach. It felt like a small child.
These small things are adding up, It seems about every 2 weeks or so, something happens.
I've searched all the census reports and I can't find any evidence of a small child, the clothing seemed pre-1900.