What's your fave tarot history theory?

Where did tarot come from ... your views

  • Invented in Italy in the 15th Century

    Votes: 74 69.8%
  • Invented by the Ancient Greeks

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • Invented by the Romans

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Invented by the Persians

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Invented by the Mongols

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Been around in one way or another since people could draw on cave walls

    Votes: 9 8.5%
  • Came from somewhere in the xargle diplock alpha system :O)

    Votes: 15 14.2%

  • Total voters


I've set up a poll so we can all have a go at the history ideas. If you have anymore ideas, let me know and I can add it to the poll

I'm up for the Persian theory myself ... at the moment anyway, LOL

Remember there is NO right answer, so no getting hot under the collar :O)




Wat? No Egyptians?????

Actually, I think there is tarot on every civilized planet in the galaxy, kind of like there is a drink that sounds like "Gin & tonic" on every planet, though it might not be the same.

Just remember to bring your towel, be a hoopy frood, and everything will be...


You're right Khat, in my excitement I missed those Egyptian dudes. Thought I could edit the poll to add more choices, but cant. Either a moddy can add another category, or we'll have to rely on manual input

$" = or in the shift dimension, 42 :O)

Rusty Neon

Some more choices of Tarot origins theories to add:

- the Gypsies (Roma)

- Adam and Eve

- Various Origins theories discredited in TarotL Tarot History Fact Sheet: Egypt; India; China; Fez, Morocco; the Sufis; the Cathars; Jewish Kabbalists or Moses --- Egypt; India; China; Fez, Morocco; the Sufis; the Cathars; Jewish Kabbalists or Moses

- Aleister Crowley (or some other tarotist) who went back in a time machine


I think my favorite theory is that someone in the distant future actually invented it, then time traveled to the past & planted it somewhere along the line just so he could enjoy watching people like us argue over where it came from.

But my runner up theory is that somewhere in the European past , a local village idiot who was actually some kind of savant made it up . Possibly with some kind of channeled instruction. And that is why the Fool is the zero point - the genesis.

(Just ignore me.)




*imagines the tarot came floating down from the heavens, for an angel dropped it and all the angel could say was "OOPS"*

Rusty Neon

I wish to add that the LS Tarots of the Origins and the U.S. Games Terrestrial Tarot may provide valuable clues and insights into the origins of tarot way back in the deep recesses of time.


When Atlantis sank beneath the waves, the fleeing Celtic feminist gypsies brought the tarot to Egypt, where they immediately got the notion that the Sphinx represented their Cat Goddess, even though it had a beard. They therefore constructed a temple to the Cat Goddess between the paws of the Sphinx, and there they deposited the tarot inscribed on golden tablets.

These tablets were discovered by the otherwise unknown janitor Arcangelo Spumoni, who took them to Milan in 1367. Spumoni, not knowing the true purpose of the tarot, invented the first card game with them, the game we now call "Cat and the Janitor," in honour of the Cat Goddess of the Celtic feminist gypsies from Atlantis. Unfortunately, because of Spumoni's use of the tarot as playing cards, the true order got shuffled away, and cannot be reconstructed with certainty at this time.


they always start off by saying that the tarot is invented in the 15th century. Well, that's what most of the websites i been to say.

well, i have never heard of tarot been invented during Adam and Eve time u know? Do these people exist in the first place?

and, why are they called Adam and Eve?
Why not Alex and Alexis? hey both start with As at least. you know, the beginning of the alphabets?

never mind, jus rattering nonsense here. but i still welcome any who cares to answer me :)


Everyone knows it WAS invented by the Egyptians - they did, after all, invent Ludo, the air conditioned Pyramid, Monotheism and even wrote (some of) the bible :D

I find it interesting to speculate that the tradition MAY have originated from myths far older than any Renaissance European activity. The Tarot can be thought to allude (vaguely) to a number of "creation myths" and there are indeed remarkable similarities that permeate across those of many different cultures. Maybe the tarot captures the essence of a common, inherent, almost preconditioned way of human thinking on such things? ;)

Macavity (the next Graham Hancock }))