WHEN are you MOST in your...Element :-)


I love AIR. Wind. The electricity from storms. That is when I am in...my element. When I feel strongest, best. Yes, I happen to be an AIR sign, but if feels like much more than that. Electricity, energy, the ozone in the air. My best energizing and comfort zone.

So...when are you most in your element?


When I'm caught in an unexpected tropical rain storm. Or when I'm snorkeling among colorful reef fish. Or when I'm walking in calm, waist deep, turquoise blue waters of a white sand beach.


I am an air sign but, oddly, I feel most in my element in "earthy" situations. Walking barefoot in the sand or grass, hiking in the woods, handling stones and crystals. Such soothing, calming energies.


I love the water - so everything connected to it, but mostly the ocean rather than lakes or ponds.

Few other things too.

DND :)


When I'm at the ocean or standing in a trout stream in the middle of a forest. I'm not a swimmer but as a Cardinal Water sign I love moving water of all kinds.


Ahoy there! Lovely question
Standing at a beach, the wind coming towards me from the sea, the sun at a low point...
(mostly Earth in Waterhouses, rising sign is Air)


The smell after the rain and the smell of freshly cut grass. The make me feel like I belong to it and at Peace.
I'm a Earth sign with an Air ascendent.


big freaky thunderstorms! :D and looking at the sky*. I love those things. Air sun sign with air sign rising.

*sky of the kind one finds in the prairies - vast, open, and limitless!


Me too, Padma!

I'm Aquarius with Libra Rising :) So probably not so surprising I love wind (windy here now!), storms, ozone, electricity.


I am Gemini with Libra rising. But I also have moon in Aries, which I think explains the desire for storms! :D