When cards had "unexpected" outcomes


I've seen some posts here and there where cards ended up being somewhat literal or what they were trying to show didn't become apparent until after the fact. I'm sorry that I don't remember usernames, but for example one poster mentioned the Page of Swords indicating a golf game and another had the Knight of Cups ending up being a plumber arriving to replace a toilet. I thought it might be fun to hear some other experiences like this.

The Queen of Cups showed up as my weekly card recently, and I wondered if I would have to take on a caretaker role for someone or I'd end up simply having an emotional week. A few days later, one of the people I lived with showed up with a little squirrel that I gave round-the-clock care to before handing it over to a wildlife charity on the final day of that card's week. I thought it was pretty neat how the QoC represented that :)


A few years ago I pulled a card from the Greenwood as a daily card.

The Blasted Oak.

We had severe storms that afternoon and had a large tree hit by lightning. It came within inches of hitting our home. Do I even need to say what species the tree was?


I don't know how well this fits I mean it's hard to top the blasted oak one ( I have the Wildwood Deck and love that cards imagery) :p

But, one time I did a daily draw for what kinda experiences I might have for that day and I drew The Fool. Later that day i locked my keys in my vehicle while it was still running- Needless to say I certainly felt like a fool waiting for my ex to bring me my extra set of keys.


It's not a bad idea to have your car serviced when you get the Chariot.


The funniest experience I had was following a conversation I'd had with a friend where I had said that I really hoped that my new boyfriend and I would still be having as passionate and exciting sex as we were initially, that we would still be crazy about each other and trying new things in 5 years, 10 years etc.
I use the Illuminati Tarot Cards as I love their beautiful pictures and imagery and I was doing a "Spiritual Compass" reading - where am I in my life right now, where do I want to be next year, who are you becoming etc. The card I had for "where do I want to be in five years?" was 8 of Swords. My immediate reaction was - seriously, you're telling me that I want to be isolated, self-imprisoned? Until I actually really looked at the picture - the woman is blindfolded, tied up and with a low bodice, almost quite sexy - on a literal basis, I'm assuming it reflected my recently stated desire, that I hoped my boyfriend were still having fun together in years to come


a-) Once I got Ace of Pentacles RX to signify an event to take place when I next see my love interest.

I spilt a huge cup of coffee, handsomely washing everywhere and getting embarrassed as a result.

b-) I got the 3 of Swords amongst the outcome of a medical procedure. So I wasn't expecting things to go technically well... I was ready in that respect. But it proved something totally different. I was upset and heartbroken because of the hasty behaviour of my doctor, namely I felt not understood at all.


The Hanged Man - being stuck in an elevator, "hanging" between two floors :D


A few years back I had done a reading for myself with the Deviant Moon Tarot which gave me The Hermit ... the next day I had a shingles outbreak on the right side of my face.

It's not a bad idea to have your car serviced when you get the Chariot.

I had the Chariot-reversed (Röhrig Tarot) come up in a reading for a friend, I interpreted it fairly literally, advising to get her car checked before a trip. The next day her brother was seriously injured in an accident on the Interstate. Unfortunately, quite literal.

ETA; I found my original post on the DM Hermit ... it was 5 years ago now.


I once pulled the Four of Swords as my daily card and assumed that it meant that I needed a vacation/break, to relax and regroup from life's stresses, etc...well, it turned out that I got extreme food poisoning later that day which landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks!

Needless to say, I cringe a bit when I pull this card nowadays.


When there was a tornado warning, my first since moving to the Midwest, and I did a reading and got NINE OF SWORDS.

The storm came VERY VERY close, yet veered off but minutes before reaching my part of town. AND it was late at night. So the nine of swords seemed like the most appropriate card possible...worrying late at night, just to wind up safe.

So while card was on the money, not what I would have expected when I read.