When was Jesus born?

Kaylee Marie

We all know that the early Church stole Yule from the pagans and declared that December 25 was Christ's birthday, even though they didn't really have a clue when it was.

Astrologically speaking, December 25, 0001 AD is utterly insignificant. Nothing to merit the three wise men making their trip from the east (where they were avid astrologers) to greet the future king.

My question: Can we figure out Jesus' true birthday by looking at astrological events around that time?

I saw a program on the History Channel last Christmas Eve or the one before (I really can't remember which) in which they were discussing Christ's birth. Supposedly there are biblical quotes about shephards tending their flocks that imply that Jesus was born in the spring. I'm not a Christian, wasn't raised one, so can't confirm the biblical passages here.

Also, according to historical records of the time, King Herod, who heard the prophacy and ordered all male babies killed, died around 02 BC. This means that Christ could not have been born in 01 AD as everyone believes. Again, I'm going on memory of the show, so that 02 BC date may be slightly off.

The show also featured an astronomer who had found an interesting astronomical event on April 17, 0006 BC. I plugged that date into my Solar Fire and came up with the following info. I've left out the outer planets since they were unknown at the time. Dawn in Bethlehem in mid-April is around 5:10 am. I used the Tropical zodiac (sidereal in parens) and Placidus house system.

Ascendant: 0 degrees Gemini (06 Gem)
Midheaven: 12 degrees Aquarius (19 Aq)
Venus: 21 degrees Pisces, 11th house (26 Pis)
Saturn: 29 degrees Pisces, 11th house (4 Aries)
Moon: 9 degrees Aries, 11th house (14 Aries)
Jupiter: 11 degrees Aries, 11th house (16 Aries)
North Node: 19 degrees Aries, 11th house (24 Aries)
Sun: 23 degrees Aries, 12th house (29 Aries)
Mars: 2 degrees Taurus, 12th house (7 Tau)
Mercury: 5 degrees Taurus, 12th house (10 Tau)

For those of you who want to see the outer planets, here ya go:
Uranus: 8 degrees Pisces, 10th house (13 Pis)
Neptune: 6 degrees Scorpio, 6th house (11 Sco)
Pluto: 9 degrees Virgo, 4th house (15 Virgo)

If Jesus wasn't born at dawn, the houses, ASC, & MC are obviously wrong; does anyone have an idea of the time of day that he was born?

So what do you all think of this grouping? Worthy of a king? Any other theories about Jesus' birthday out there?


My only input – They were on their way to ‘pay taxes’/ do the census thing.

Taxes in an agrarian society are paid after the harvest – when people have money to pay them. I personally think Joseph Junior was a Scorpio. October is about right.

After about October, it’s too cold for sheep to be in the hills. I think that lambs are a latter addition to make the shepherds cute.


An earlier date

An earlier date seems more appropriate due to Herods time in power. One of the astrological magazines did a major article on this some time ago and, as I remember it, suggested a period in the spring several years years earlier than 1 AD as being more appropriate. I think the Sun was in Pisces in their charts and possible dates. Also the time was at night. Scorpio rising may have been suggested. They also used a period when Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all closely aligned.

I'll attempt to dig that out of my stored archives. Dave.

Edited addition: As for taxes and census taking, it was my impression that this occured over a period of time because of the travel time and conditions. Perhaps a six month or year long period for census taking. As I remember it, taxes were a catch me if you can type of thing for those who did not live in the area but were only born there and were traveling or living elsewhere.


Astrologically speaking, December 25, 0001 AD is utterly insignificant. Nothing to merit the three wise men making their trip from the east (where they were avid astrologers) to greet the future king.

Would that be the correct year, Kaylee Marie? Unless I misunderstand you...
The term "AD" refers to after his death...


A chart to consider

I've created a speculative chart which can be used as a basis for discussion and for everyone's individual reference in terms of developing other charts for other times and dates.

This chart has the following attributes: Jupiter conjunct Saturn near the 8th house cusp, Sun conjunct the IC angle, Moon about to rise, Leo on the Asc. and near the fixed star Epislon Leonis (conveys higher spiritual gifts. Of further interest is Pluto in the first, a conjunction of Neptune-Venus-Mercury near the south Node.

Here are the details:
Date: Nov. 15, 6 BC
Time: 11:47/57 PM
Place: Bethelhem, Israel, 035E12, 31N43

MC @ 21-46 Taurus
AS @ 25-19 Leo
Sun @ 21-48 Scorpio
Moon @ 1-59 Virgo
Mercury @ 6-42 Scorpio
Venus @ 5-39 Scorpio
Mars @ 7-54 Cap
Jupiter @ 14-46 Pisces
Saturn @ 14-56 Pisces
Now, the outer planets were not known at this time, but it would seem appropriate that they would be significant for a personality of this magnitude.
Uranus @ 1-59 Pisces
Neptune @ 5-26 Scorpio
Pluto @ 12-15 Virgo
N. Node @ 27-03 Aries

The fixed star Epsilon Leonis is 20-00 Leo.

This chart, for which I make no claims, is presented as a reference chart. It has several significant factors:
1) The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is at the western horizon and is about to set -- this is an important "marker" in astrological work in this period.
2) Sun is angular -- we would expect this strength in the chart.
3) There is a conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Neptune which fits well with the personality of Jesus.
4) Moon is rising -- an important energy for one who had a magnetic personality and worked one-on-one with the public.



Morman's teach that he was born on April 6.

where they were avid astrologers
The 3 Magi were.

And the one about the sheep, they figure in around the right time.


Wouldn't he have been born in the year zero? Was there a year zero between AD and BC?

AD didn't mean 'after death' did it, I thought it was Anno Domini which means 'year of our lord'. But I did find this, if it helps: http://www.radix.net/~dglenn/defs/ce.html


What date is it?

The "christian church" came into existance as a hierarchal structured body after Jesus died. His apostles spread his teachings after his death and organized many regional and local groups -- but the big, unifying (?) church structure came much later. They were highly political, had two leaders (one in Rome, one in Byzintine ((however its spelled)) which fought for power), and decided which teachings, writings and calendar was correct. They made mistakes even though they were organizing and rearranging things only a generation or three after Jesus died. Nothing is accurate. Certainly not the date and year marking Jesus' birth -- after all, he didn't become infamous to the authorities of his day and famous to the authorities of later days until he was an adult, perhaps about 30 years of age.

So, dates were a little off. Calendars were adopted for convenience. The recorded history of other cultures were written off as if it didn't exist, and the records that were available were selected as they fit with the "truth" that was being organized and developed by the church leaders of that day.

So, we have to speculate as to when the actual date might have been. I'm not a scholar or even a knowledgable person about early christian history. I only know what I have been told and have read. There was a special bright star in the sky that brought wisemen from some distance. The birth happened in Herod's reign (although that might be questioned). He may have been born at night when shepards were guarding sheep in the hills. His parents were returning to the birthplace to participate in a census which was held every so many years (perhaps each decade). We have been led to believe that the wisemen were astrologers. We know that exceptional people tend to have significant charts, therefore we look for a significant chart for Jesus' birth -- that may be doable or not. The chart I put together is one possibility. It isn't much more at this point. Dave.


Virgo ?

Going by the census of Augustus, recorded by law,
we have our main characters in Bethlehem, by law,
during the August-September period we call Virgo.

Anyway, that's always been my understanding. :)