When you don't USE the tin a deck came in....


Most of my decks I have cases for. I do like the tins, but have had one that was a bit big for the deck and had a perfect case for it, so ...what to do with the cool tin?

So many ways to use, but I now have the cutest tin for my ....stamps. I keep a lot of stamps around, I am one of those rare people who still send actual cards, mail some bills and a deck tin is perfect! Also great for paper clips, a mini sewing kit.

Anyone use their tin for something other than the deck it came with? Share!

Julian Jaymes

Haha, I never thought of this - I'm always focused on "what do I put the new deck in?" because I usually just throw the boxes in storage, unless they're really nice like my Starchild Tarot deck box (which could probably survive the nuclear apocalypse). I never thought about reusing those boxes or cases!

I don't have any decks that came in a tin, but I do have some containers of sorts. I have a drawstring bag that my Manara Tarot came in, and I use that for a set of rune stones I made. My Starchild Tarot deck box, as I said, continues to be the storage place for my Starchild deck.

But I still have plenty of deck boxes, as well as the bigger, sturdier box from my Lightworker Oracle deck. What to do with them...hmmm....



I didn't like the Pixie Lenormand deck, so I put my trimmed Medicine Woman deck in the tin and it fits perfectly. I just put the Lenormand deck into a different box and put it away.