Where Are They Moving To? Spread for Tarot


Hi all :D

This is a spread designed to look at “Where Someone is Moving to”.

Why are they moving:
Card One – reasons behind the move.

Where are they moving to:
Card Two - Location?
Card Three - Environment?

What are they leaving behind:
Card Four - What is now completed?
Card Five - What will moving towards? Expectations?

What can they expect to find: – outcome of the move.
Card Six - Near Future?
Card Seven - Far Future?

Most important/significant factor:
Card Eight - relating to the person and the move.

The Base Card (or the card at the bottom of the deck after the spread has been layed) is the 'Knowing" card. This card sheds light on what is known by the querant about the move - and may relate specifically to their feelings or emotions on the matter. It can be read at the beginning of the reading though does not have a 'placement' in the spread.


The Key Cards are One and Eight.

Hope this can be of some help :D

Elven x

le fey

This looks really good - you're asking some questions I'd like some guidance on. I'm going to give this one a try later.


Just What I've Been Looking For!

hey elven
you read my mind.
i have been trying to find an answer to WHY someone is moving house and lo and behold! you have created a beautiful spread to answer that.
i am going to try it out and let you know how it goes!
thanks again


and I am sure it can be used a little less literally too - as in development, path... or other plans.

Great stuff, Elven! (now if there weren't so many cards for my own personal taste... ;) ;) )

le fey

The cool thing about that is that you can do a reading with fewer cards by just working with the sub-headers. That would bring it down to five cards.


Thanks everyone :)

I tried this reading for someone and waited for feedback before posting it - and the reading worked well and covered many aspects that all sort of bled into each other and made a complete reading. It flowed well - so I sort of can recommend it ;)

Just for Simone :p 2 Card Reading: Cards = Placement One and Eight :p LOL!!

Elven x


Haha great, thanks :D

you know I always moan when there's more than 3 cards ;)

and now off to bed with you, Miss insomniac ;)


Ooo..elven..wonderful spread..have to do this when things are settling down!!



It's always nice to have feed back on a posting, so here's mine:

Fantastic Spread!

For the past 5 months my husband and I have known that his co. will be moving us - we just haven't known where to. At the moment we're in Scotland and the options are Norway, Houston, or back to our home in Orange Co., CA. Not knowing where has just about driven me mad, so I tried your spread.

First, having the reason behind clarified was great. The most important one for me however was card #2, the location, and the card dealt was perfect. While all the cards supported each other I particularly liked the way that #1 & #8 worked together. I did not read the Base card first because I did not want my emotions and feelings to color my interpretation of the reading. When I exposed it at the end it completely summed up the way I had felt before the reading. By the end of the reading I was able see it from a different angle, and NOT just an emotional one.

So thanks for the great spread!

By the way, card #2 (location) was The Fool, so I'm taking that to be Norway and it's mts., plus I've told him several times that he'd be a fool to take that job position. Cards #1 & #8 were the Magician & the Wheel. Numerically those are 'his' cards as his birthdate is 12 + 16= 10/1.