Where can I find a Russian Tarot deck?


Hello everyone!
I am trying to find a Tarot deck in Russian. Can anyone tell me where I can find one? I have already checked out several websites but to no avail. Thanx.
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I have the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, but the book and deck are in english. It is beautiful but not my speed. If you are interested in it, let me know.

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Cj- although I found the black backgrounds of the St Petersburg Tarot disconcerting, I think it is a beautiful deck.

Misifu- a friend just returned from a trip to Germany and brought me back The Celtic Dragon Tarot- written in Czech! The decks are in a catalog called 'Synergie'. I would cruise European Web sites for a Russian one. (There is an International phone number on the back: volejte v cechach 0800-174952; na slovensku: (07) 63 81 06 59). Sorry there is no website addy.


The Tarot Garden has at least 5 Russian-published tarot decks, including the Russian Tarot, Classic Tarot, Transtsendentnoe Tarot, Era of Aquarius Tarot, and Vedicheskoe Tarot.

~ Solandia


Still dealing with German/Czech here- this is off the business card from the shop where my friend bought my Czech decks.

Knihy Dobra
email: knihy.dobra@worldonline.cz
internet: www.knihydobra.cz
telefon: (02) 24211028

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Thank you Solandia, cj, and Tarotbear, will check these out! By the way, Tarotbear, how do you like your Czeckdeck?
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My friend bought me the Celtic Dragon Tarot in Czech. It is the same deck with Czech titles,...however the book is entirely in Czech, so I willl have to see if I can find the Enmglish translation of it.
He also bought another deck that Catlin was trying to help me with. It says it's tarot but it's some kind of divination deck. The instructions for that one are in German and Czech.


There is a different divination set called the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards that are not tarot but are very interesting. These cards are square with each card divided into four sections by lines that run diagonally, corner to corner. Each section has half of a picture on it. The cards are shuffled and laid out. If any two halves of a picture can match up on adjoining cards, you rotate the cards and make the picture. Each picture has a meaning. The author is Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff. She states that cards like these have been in her family for at least 200 years. It?s an interesting system. Has anyone worked with these cards?


Thanx Raeanne,
Yes, I have heard of these cards, no, I have not worked with them. I did see them available in one of the many catalogs I get. You just inspired me to get them.
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