Where have all my dreams gone?


I am a very vivid dreamer. I usually have about 3 dreams a night which I remember, which are in colour and very very vivid. But over the past 2 weeks I have woken up as usual, my normal routine thing, not remembering having any! This is very unusual for me cuz I always wake up and remember the dreams I just had, then think about them....

What is going on here? Does it mean somehing? I know I'm still having dreams, cuz it impossible for humans to sleep without having at least 4 a night. Its just that I no longer remember them...


Kiama, the Dreamless One


Are you too tired to remember them?...
Try making a point of thinking about remembering them before going to sleep....

and read what everyone else posts, cuz itll be far more informed and useful..


Hi, Kiama! First I want to thank you for answering my flood dream. I hadn't thought about it like that, it's a different perspective. Anyway, I've found that hormonal changes affect my dreams, and the full moon. I'm getting older and more hormone swings, ups and downs, and more vivid dreams. Night sweats (counterpart to hot flashes) cause you to not sleep very soundly, so you are more restless and wakeful. And my hormones have always been influenced by the moon, even after a hysterectomy 3 years ago. (I kept my ovaries :) ) Between being in my early twenties to late thirties, I hardly remembered any dreams. When I was a kid and teenager, I recalled a lot of dreams (and a lot were very terrifying). I recall dreams more now, but they aren't really terrifying any more. Some are just weirder than others! When you go to sleep, tell yourself to remember your dreams, and it might work! Pleasant dreams!!


I've tried telling myself to remember my dreams, and I'm not any tireder (Is that actually a word) now than I was 3 weeks ago... Everything's pretty much the same... Which is why I'm curious...

*Kiama frowns and thinks some more*



Kiama, if you have a dream that you need to remember, you'll remember it. So don't worrry about it.


Im'm sure that you integrate whatever it is that you are learning anyway. Is your nighttime routine any different? Are you eating different foods? Are you distracted by something in your life? How is your general health?
Maybe, your subconcious thinks you need a rest- are you getting too hung up on your internal life- to the exclusion of your external life?
Just a few things to think about. Bet Isthmus would answer this like an expert!


Jeanette said:
Night sweats (counterpart to hot flashes) cause you to not sleep very soundly, so you are more restless and wakeful

I know this is a bit off topic, but have you tried Black Cohosh Root? It's really helped me.

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You can try sleeping with an Amethyst under your pillow. It will drive off insomnia and nightmares. It will also help you to have a peaceful sleep with pleasant, healing and prophetic dreams.

I have a friend who does this and she sleeps wonderfully and has no more nightmares. The dreams she has are nice and peacefull. I did this for a few nights to see how it would affect my sleep and dreams. I slept terrible!!! My dreams became so vivid and real that it affected my sleep. They were nice dreams. Just too many of them, too vivid, all night long.

Most people have good results with this. I'm just too intuned with my stones and crystals.



i've had a lot of luck with mugwort under my pillow, and asking "the powers that be" to help me remember, and learn from, my dreams, before I go to sleep. I agree that if a dream is important you'll remember it, so don't worry. good luck and sweet dreams!

isthmus nekoi

Butterfly> *chee* I'm hardly an expert but you're right - I always love to talk about dreams! ^_^

Kiama> I've had this experience too! It could be that you are under some stress (although it sounds to me like this isn't the case)... I remember when I was in high school, I had trouble remembering dreams during exam week - or sometimes the dreams would be about doing exams (how awful is that?!!). I don't stress over exams anymore, so exam dreams don't happen to me now - thank god!

What Butterfly mentioned is also pretty common. As well as any change in routine, it could be that your energies are being channelled out into your waking life so that you are living out what your dreams have been working with previously. So you're concretizing their messages and giving your subconscious a rest :p

Finally, you could be repressing something. Sometimes if I am not on the best of terms w/the uncon, I can feel the resistance towards dream recall, despite the fact that dream recall is very important to me. If this is case, give it time, and be patient w/yourself! Repression isn't necessarily a bad thing - sometimes you *need* to resist the power of the uncon. It's the question of finding the right balance...

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