Where izzit [Hadar deck]?


Where izzit?

While I have no trouble finding the Camoin Marseilles decks, it is right on the Camoin website and you can even navigate the site in several languages, I haven't been able to find the Hadar anywhere, even on Kris Hadar's website. Is it one of the hidden mysteries that you learn in his course, or what? :laugh: I'm not really wanting to buy one now, but it would be nice for the future to know where to find the Hadar.



Bob: I'm not certain one can order them directly from Kris Hadar.

There must be places in the States or Canada that stock them. We should write to Jeanette at Tarot Garden to tell her to stock up with some. Otherwise there is R. Somerville who stocks them in Europe.

Why do you not want to buy one now? There is never any moment like the present. Tomorrow a meteorite may fall on you head and you will never have known the joys of owning a Hadar. :(


Hi Bob, I ordered mine from R. Somerville. It took a while to arrive from Europe with the inexpensive postage option, but they give very good service. If I were you I would not hesitate, this deck was very hard to obtain for a while. Now it's available again, but who knows for how long?

To look at it on Somerville, go to this link:


and do a search for: Véritable Tarot de Marseille

The LWB, by the way, is in French.

-- Lee


Thanks, Diana and Lee!



Many of the cards are viewable on his site... but navigation (which for a Corsair may be easier than for many of us) is a little tricky.

I have attempted a description on how to see them in this post... following the leads may lead to this buried treasure :)


I just received my Hadar a few weeks ago from the R. Sommerville site. Like Lee, I was very satisfied with the service. It did take a week for them to process the order, but as soon as it was shipped, I had the deck in 9 days. Admittedly, I paid the nine dollars and some cents for priority shipping on two decks. (I ordered the Camoin as well). I was given a discount though, so in the end, shipping wasn't much more than economy.

When you go to the site, click on Tarot and on the left there will be a menu. Click on Marseille and when the list comes up, scroll down to the bottom. It's the last one.


i did some scans of hadar's marseille on request earlier.
you can find them here: majors
this is the deck with the most beautiful back i have ever seen !


Kaz is right. The back it beautiful. Kris Hadar designed is speciallyl to aid in Divination.

He is a very great tarologue. I would love to have a consultation with him one day.


Does anyone have a scan or a link showing the back of the Camoin? The one I buy is going to be the Camoin or the Hadar, but I want to see the backs of each.



Camoin back

Attached is an image of the back of the Camoin TdM deck. It's one of my favorite deck backs (and fronts, too)! I love the dynamic interchange between the circles, squares, and arrows.


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