where to read please? commercially ethically


I was unaware how cut throat the internet can be and was surprised at a competitive person watching my listing and reporting me for doing readings.I was told intangible goods/ I was donating the majority to charity 90%.so, they didnt just attack me but the charity I was donating to. So I checked the watchers and saw ---huge listings with high fees readings items imbued by their so called magical grandma.

I would like to read ethically and I wonder how many have been affected by this issue? is it taboo to be paid for a reading? I didnt feel I was stepping on anyones toes.This person clearly made thousands from items to which they had a listing running above 100's of pounds for a cheap bali ring.

sorry for anyone else who has been attacked like this when reading. I wanted to do it for practice see what happened and donate with it being christmas. I was only covering postage to send them the reading.

man im so going to report that watcher for their listings im-- peaved.

There are 100s of these readings in listings how come they arent banned for emailing the readings. I dont understand it.


I think it would help answer your question if you gave us some background, like where did this take place, etc.


On a online bid site I joined to try out with charity reading via post. yet watcher had item now 800GBP imbued reported me messaged me bragged very cruel. shocking really. Thank you

Ebay I tried


What site?

yet watcher had item now 800GBP imbued

Could you please clarify this? I'm having trouble understanding what happened.


As I recall ebay doesn't allow them. I can't find anything in their rules, but I'm sure people here have pointed it out...


I know that some on-line selling services have (or did have) prohibitions about offering so-called "intangible" property like readings on their sites. but the last I knew they were trying to work out a solution. You should look into the terms and conditions of your outlet to see if you meet them. I don't do on-line reading, but if you're within your legal rights it sounds like what the other party is doing is unfair restraint of trade.


EBay its strange many list I see no ban for them.yes says intangible yet many email readers. Not sending in post so not intangible. I see intangible as seller selling fake genie items.
I think penalising wrong people.
Thank you,


If you want to read on line, there are a LOAD of websites just for that purpose - why not work with one of them ?


Never looked into it or know where to go Gregory I'm not good with search engines. Thank you for the idea I'm way behind on social media. ID not want my phone details available risky.
Perhaps its happened timing wrong need to learn more. Swap readings and too much on same time college studies. ?


There's nothing wrong with charging for your services. You are performing a service that helps people and takes time to do.

I have my own website and blog, makes things easier and no one can tell you not to do that.