Where? What happened?


Talisman: Not only was your story funny, witty, and heart-tugging, but it also inspired me to buy alot of really beautiful tie-dye silk scarves! I thank you for the inspiration!

And yes, I am a writer, although at the moment I am feeling very blank on tales to spin....

Anyway, it's really good to have you back: I was quite miffed when everyone else returned and you didn't...

Looking forward to more inspiring tales from you!



Welcome back, Talisman!

I, too, was inspired by your "Blue Bandana" story to begin my own quest for a worthy Spread cloth with humble beginnings. While I have yet to find a blue bandana, I've discovered that the tablecloth covering my desk has some rather intricate food stains on it that may lead to an interesting spread or two...

Waiting patiently for the next "Talisman Tale",

"Writing is way of talking without being

Jules Renard, 1895


*** Sorry about the double post! ***


Talisman inspired me to dig up my bandannas to see which ones would play reading cloth. I have a lavender one that will do a 9-card spread. Perfect for a tri-level Past, Present, Future; Body, Mind, Spirit; Here&Now; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (including drink & dessert)...& it's too late to think about food!


Hey, Talisman! Missed you, bud!

Tried to email you, but the email option here bounced it back to me. How 'bout emailing me...got something to send ya!