Which deck are you carrying with you?


Somtimes people said to me, that I'm not normal, because I don't carry make-up in my bag, but Tarot decks! I don't go anywhere without my voyager and my Raidiant Rider White and I'm courious wich decks are you carrying with you? Are the the same as the decks you use as main or is there any difference?



I'd just like to add that I don't think you're weird at all. I not only don't carry makeup, I don't even wear it. And if it came to a duel to the death over handbag real estate between a deck and a tube of foundation, I know which would win.

I feel naked when I accidentally leave the house without my trimmed Thoth. It feels like part of my flesh, now. For a while there I was carrying as many as six decks around; but that just got tiresome. Now it's just the Thoth, and sometimes the Lenormand if I'm going to a coffee shop. Just in case, you know?

\m/ Kat

Le Fanu

No, not weird at all...

I think as well that - as Im not a professional reader - the chances of a real tarot emergency are few and far between to be honest. I also don't feel particularly comfortable sitting on a train or in a café loking at my cards. Not that Im embarassed to be doing this, just that so often looking at/studying my cards is such a private moment and I hate the thought of someone peering over my shoulder thinking "ooh, look, spooky cards..." I can't concentrate if someone has noticed and is trying to peek... Same with someone reading a newspaper over my shoulder!

I think it's like a comfort blanket thing now. I have cards at work, but even so, to and from work I have a deck which I like to take with me. The deck of the moment. Also, if I don't organise myself well, I also end up with more than two or three decks in my bag coming to and fro...


I am not a professional reader, and I don't find myself reading impromptu away from home, at least, not yet. :)

So I have not made a habit of carrying the tarot with me. My Rohrig and Circle of Life are so precious that they reside pretty much permanently on my reading table. I could never see either one of them leaving the house, at least not on a regular basis, unless they were packed very carefully!

Now that I have received the Transparent Tarot, I may make an exception and seek out a bag for it made in such a fashion that I can carry it in my purse. It is an almost immediately accessible deck and there isn't anything else like it out there. I felt drawn to immediately start reading from it when I received it. It reads either intuitively or with traditional meanings.

So, out of all of my decks, at the moment I would be the most tempted to travel with the Transparent. I can also see keeping Lucy Cavendish's Oracle Tarot handy for people who might be "afraid" of the tarot, as it isn't threatening in my opinion, although I would probably reserve it for readings for girlfriends of mine, as it doesn't seem like much of a guy's deck. I think guys would relate to the Transparent, though, and so would women. :)


Well, I don't carry my decks around but if I did, I would probably carry my Fairytale Tarot (assuming that it would not get beat up in my bag).


I have reached the point where if I am leaving the house and don't have a deck with me, I cannot go. I keep the Paulina in one of my bags, the Drogi in another, I have Barbara Walker in my car, Sweet Twilight in the bag I carry most, (I also have alot of bags! ;) ), and I have given most of my friends and family decks so that if, somehow, I wind up at their places without a deck, they have one at the ready!


victoria.star said:
. . . I have given most of my friends and family decks so that if, somehow, I wind up at their places without a deck, they have one at the ready!
ROFL I used to be like this with drinks, when I worked on big minesites where you live in a "camp" :D I'd have stashes of my drinks in friends' fridges strategically placed all over the camp, so no matter where the party was, I had drinks to hand LOL

This is a very handy idea with decks, though, methinks. You are onto something there . . .

\m/ Kat




I always have the Universal Waite pocket edition in my bag.