Which deck do you think is the most beautiful?


Which tarot deck do you think is the most beautiful? I thought I only liked dark decks until I saw the Starchild Tarot.


I literally had to catch my breath the first time I saw the The tarot of the Holy Light. I also love the Medieval Scapini tarot.


Prisma visions is definitely my vote. It's a really colorful deck, and the artwork is slightly surrealist and impressionistic. It's really gorgeous!


Seconded. And there is NO other deck with cardstock like it.

But I also like the Servants of the Light deck by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki immensely - it is the deck I fell in love with earliest for sheer beauty, some time in the late eighties or very early nineties.

And Luigi Scapini's Stained Glass Tarot (Vetrate? Veltrate?). He also designed the Mediaeval that has been previously mentioned here but the Stained Glass eclipses it completely. I was fully-illustrated-minors-only girl until these rich, luminous unillustrated minors came my way, and forced me to learn to read with them. :)


Victorian Romantic (close second)


I second prisma visions.


Im still in lust with my Crystal Visions deck, I find the art very beautiful. I've looked at images of the Starchild deck online and agree it's beautiful too.


I third Prisma Visions. It's very special.


Lebanese Tarot

Seconded. And there is NO other deck with cardstock like it. ......

If this is not too far off topic, I would like to thank Nisaba for this post and for her insightful AT review of the deck, which prompted me to purchase it. It is obvious that the artist created this deck primarily out of love for the Lebanese culture, not for money, because the limitation of the edition did not allow for significant profit to be made from its sale.

No more Lebanese Tarot decks will be printed, so I feel very lucky to have one.