Which deck to choose? And what about Cosmic Tribe?


I am indeed new to Tarot and recently got my first deck...the Cosmic Tribe deck. I really like the deck so far (after about 5 days of ownership!) but being a "newbie" don't know the symbolism or how accurate the symbolism is, and I found that I was really influenced by a not-so-positive review by someone on the internet whom I imagine is fairly adept and knowledgable in the Tarot by the way that she wrote. Now I'm doubting whether I made the right choice with this deck.

Can anyone offer some honest reassurance or at least suggestions of a deck that is considered to be good?

By the way, is there a place on can find accurate reviews of different tarot decks?



I feel into the same trap with the Shapeshifter deck...I really didn't have a problem with it until I read all these reviews about how it sucked! It really influenced my opinion. So I must say, if you feel that you like this deck, don't rely so heavily on someone else's opinion just because they know a lot about tarot. IMO, I don't like Cosmic Tribe, not because of symbolism and how it works (although I think there is 3 lovers cards for different sexual lifestyles) but because it just doesn't call out my name...It might call out yours, but no one can tell you what is great or not great...just like anyone else, it's an opinion.


jonathan , I agree with destinyawaitsme,it really is a matter of opinion! If you already like the deck , try not to let someone else's opinion change that. I Love to read tarot deck reviews and look at the pictures,and I've seen many of them! Mainly I read the reviews before buying and choosing decks to buy. The review or opinion is one thing , but I also find the reviews helpful to determine a few things that are important for me. For instance ,does the deck have 78 cards?(a "typical" tarot deck) or a different amount? Does it stick to a rider-waite type format , or is it a lot different. Then of course , there's the pictures. I have bought decks because all the reviewers raved how great it was , only to get the deck and think it was o.k. but nothing as special as everyone seemed to think it was!(My opinion hasn't changed over time to love the deck either!) Some of my most favorite decks recieve so-so ratings online. And if you look enough you can almost Always find a reviewer who really thinks the deck is great, and also one who doesn't care for it. Another thing,I would think each reviewer has Not worked extensively with every deck they review. Some are perhaps looked at once . Therefore,if you are working with the said deck regularly(or just happen to have and love it for 5 days!) then your experience with it and depth of understanding and feeling for it is going to be a lot different than their's.It just seems unfortunate ,if you already have and like the deck to let an online review change your mind!


Jonathan: If by "good decks" you are referring to those that lend themselves to readings, then there are many such decks available. Some may be considered not as good because of lack of symbolism such as under-developed minor cards or an uneven rendering of the deck's theme. Those are qualities that are not so dependent on the deck's design &/or the competency of the reader as much as it also depends upon the reader's imagination &/or intuition. Since everyone has his own unique perspective evolving from a myriad of external & internal processes, how appealing &/or effective a deck is can be a matter of personal preferences; however, being attracted to a particular deck does not guarantee its "workability".
I have The Cosmic Tribe Tarot, & I love it!! I stumbled on it a few years ago while I was searching online to view Tarot decks. The artwork is what attracted me first, especially of the Major Arcana--The Hermit & The Star & the inclusion of 3 versions of The Lovers. I've thumbed through the accompanying book but not read it through because I chose not to, preferring to try to glean my own meanings. Someone else's meanings can prejudice one to a certain mindset that can be limiting, though they can be helpful in prodding one's imagination when one gets stuck for a meaning. I have noticed that many of the interpretations of the deck in its book seem to be different than the usual or the traditional but they are apparently the vision of the creator in collaboration with that of the writer.
If you like this deck, by all means stick with it & use it!! Do not let others' views influence how you see the deck as you will find conflicting opinions on all decks! It's for the same reason I do not rely on a book critic's opinion of a book nor a movie critic's opinion of a movie--that is just one person's view.
If you are searching to view more decks, this website is a top-notch source of a wide range of Tarot decks in a variety of categories. There are reviews included & sources for the individual decks if available.
If you are seeking to learn more of the language of symbolism, you might check out one of the more traditional decks as there are more books on such decks available than on the non-traditional. Also, (& I cannot repeat this enough) a basic knowledge of numbers & their meanings would help to enhance the understanding of Tarot.
Tarot can enhance your understanding of self, others & of Life. Blessings on your journey!


I think if you like the deck and it seems to work for you then you are on the right track, there are so many different types of deck out there, and they will all be someones favourite deck. I like my cards simple to look at and easy to read so I use the Original Rider Waite - some people don't like this deck but I love it :)


I also love the Cosmic Tribe deck. I've had it for a little over a year and I still don't use it for readings, but I imagine I will once I am satisfied I have absorbed all of the images. I enjoyed the book that came along with the deck, but like MeeWah, I need to come up with my own feelings on each card.

Not all decks are appropriate for reading. Of the 30 or so decks I own, there are only maybe 4 of them that I will use for readings, and in actuality, better than 95% of my readings are done with my primary deck.

I usually suggest to people that they start with a Waite-Smith deck or one of its clones. Only because there are so many more books written using those images (even though I DON'T recommend learning from books!). As soon as you're comfortable with using your intuition for interpreting symbols, then you should expand your horizons to the more unique decks out there.

But certainly don't think for a minute that you wasted money on the Cosmic Tribe deck. Treat it as a collector's item if nothing else.


Merry Meet,

Well I feel this will always be a matter of great discussion. Which deck is best, most accurate, tradtional or non traditional.

I tend to relate with a lot of the above opinions concerning individual intuition as I am an intuitive reader. For me personally trying to decipher the meanings of the deck in accordnace with what has been written in the accompanying book just boggles my mind.

I first purchased the Osho Zen Deck. I loved it from the minute I opened the box and found that it's influence on my intuition was amazing. Then I fell into the trap of reading too many reviews and opinions about this deck, "it's not good enough for readings", "too many negative influences because of it's association with the Orange People", etc etc.

So I scaled the stores and the net for a "traditional" deck. I found the RW and clones to be too cartoonish for me. The figures throwing me out. Eventually I bought another deck (which I absolutely loved "Haindl Tarot") and I sat down and read the book over and over. Great book! Beautiful artwork! But the Osho Zen deck was the one which called to me and no matter how many times I tried to stick with the "traditional" tarot with all the "traditional" meanings it just didn't gel for me. So I started to do readings using both decks always finding the Osho Zen hit the nail on the head every time.

So there you have it. Take advice for what it is. Advice. Enjoy your Tarot deck. Become personally familiar with it. Allow your own evolvement with it and trust in yourself.

blessed be


I own the Cosmic Tribe deck, and over 70 others. Like most people, I only read with a handful of them. This is one of my favorites. I don't do readings all that often (I guess I'm more of a collector), but I have been doing it for 6 years. This is the first deck that I have been able to use without looking at the book or just already knowing the meaning. I can look at the cards, look deep, and see how they relate to the situation at hand. I consider this a breakthrough.
Please don't feel like you made a mistake. You have chosen a stunning and powerful deck.

It's true that the Cosmic Tribe symbolism strays from the traditional, so you may want to complement this deck with one that is a little more traditional. Best of Luck!


Ditto, ditto, ditto!

There are many different decks out there. They are just as individual as the people who created them and the people who use them.

As an example, let's say you know "Sherry" and "Jean." Ever notice how perhaps "Sherry" and "Jean" may be best friends and you enjoy talking to "Sherry" but can't stand "Jean?" Well, something clicked between "Sherry" and "Jean" that didn't click between you and "Jean." That's OK.

You have to use what clicks for you, what speaks to you. Because you are you, an individual with unique experiences, views, and beliefs, no one else will see things exactly the way that you do.

So use the deck that works for you. Don't worry about the reviews so much (though I realize it's sometimes easier said than done). That reviewer wasn't seeing the deck through your eyes or hearing it speak through your perception and intuition. Go with what's right for you.

Catcha later,


I have a few tarot decks but the one I love most is DEFINATELY the Cosmic Tribe! I love the images and have always found the readings I have done with them to be very accurate. You are lucky to have come across such a wonderful deck when you are so new to tarot :)