Which Fey are you?


Fey-- who are you?

Hi all--

I thought we might try things from a different angle. Let's start out here...

Which Fey are you? Your name, a bit about you, why you are depicted as you are...

Imagination-- our greatest connection with the Fey

Roll call-- human guise first please...

any questions/comments??

fly well


A bit about me? er... in human guise? I am a deadly mixture of earth and fire... with a mind like a bull-dog (bites and won't let go).. but these days, my brain is er... soggy, and I am


I don't normally identify with the empress, because of her preggers and fruitfully multiplying thing.... but this lovely empress is hugging close to her heart a baby of another kind -- the baby fuzzy dragon she protects, wrapping him all up in her arms is also protecting her. The warm fuzzy thing protects her heart chakra and keeps her all warm and soft so she can freely open her heart and let all her own castle walls just melt away....

And so they have, and she is gazing past the castle walls far, far in to the distance....


lets see.
I'm a fire person with a touch of air.
In this deck that would be the knight of wands. Wen i am at my best ( feeling good)...not holding myself back cause i'm insecure i am like here.
I wish i could ride on a big parrot ;)

And you Ravenswing? Who whould you be?


Luna La Fey here.....which, by the way, took the name Fey long before the deck came to be.....and purple is my fav. color and the Fey deck is surrounded by purple...how synchronistic!
what Fey?....not easy to figure......The Empress is my soul/personality card. I'm very attracted to the card. She has the little fuzzy beastie, content in her nurturing.....I once got got position created for me at an cat shelter because the manager saw the way the cats where drawn to me.....I can, as a capricorn, see myself in the 9 of pentacles....the card I did for collective deck II.....hard working determined capi Fey.....and the there is my title here at AT....'dragonrider'.......well that's the knight of swords......
but if I have to pick just one....9 of Pentacles.....she has grapes...and I do like my wine.......just hope the birdie flys away before it poops on my head!



Aries here, with Saturn in Leo rising and very strongly positively aspected.
I identify with the 8's in the Fey Tarot. 8, Saturn's number.
I recognize it is spiritually dangerous to identify yourself with an archetype, so I will merely say that I recognize and respond to the qualities of the Fey card Strength. Slain a good many dragons in my life, internal and external. I like the fey on that card, confident, knows her dragons.
The other 8's. 8 of swords, my past. Giving up my power, binding myself or letting others bind me. Slipping into passivity.
8 of chalices, my marriage. Walking away from something that might be good for someone, but is not good for me. Dressed not for play but for serious business.
8 of pentacles. My career. I take it seriously and it takes me serously. I yes, I do splash paint around sometimes.
8 of Wands, how I want to be. Quick, agile, directed. Leaping lightly from branch to branch, no slips. And bells, don't forget the bells.


There are so many cards that are beautiful, and I find myself attracted to cards that I would not normally be, but if you'd read my new deck spread that would make a lot of sense. I strongly identify with female energy normally, and feel male energy to be foreign, however with these cards, I'm finding the opposite (I love the lovers card for this). It's the male ones that are standing out.
LOL, having said that I really have a strong connection to the Queen of Wands in the Fey. Her eyes look into my soul She says"Butterfly, I see your pain, I've been there too. But look we're pregnant with possibility." Literally in her case, not in mine :).
She is full of such gentle loving compassion, but has been strengthened by going through pain. She is a butterfly, transformation itself. She has rebelled, though painful and has incredible potential to be a light to those behind her on her path.
She is the healer.


My personality and soul cards are The Emperor and the Fool. I relate to the Fool alot, too! The Fey I most feel I relate to tho, is the Queen of Pentacles. I am an earth girl.. Taurus. And I am young at heart, like this Fey. :) I also feel I am nurturing and yes I too seek company and interaction and willing to give same in return.


who am I??

well now--

When I did my new deck spread, the Fey through out the Knight of chalise for its first advice.

At the moment I am approaching a major crossroad in my life. By a numerological system I've worked with, this upcoming year is where I "turn a corner" in my life, and go from one stage to another.

I am moving from a Hierophant year to a Lovers year-- the Lovers is my soul card.

What I consider my life's work, which had been laid by the wayside for the about the last fifteen years, has now come to the fore. my phoenix has risen.

I have met someone who is more than soulmate, my GODDESS INCARNATE...

Previously I have dealt with life and all its trimming on a sword, intellectual level. I am learning the cup, emotional level. I am learning the importance of the balance between think and feel.

The knight of Chalise-- he rides from the ocean to the sands. I see this as the creative made manifest.

His mighty steed is a lobster-- reminiscent of the traditional Moon card. The front of the saddle is marked with a moon symbol.... I am a Cancer.

And the knight himself seems to be choosing or balancing. the sword and the cup. He touches neither, they are suspened in air.

Does this show his absolute control, or is it that he is "out of touch"? From the look of confidence and joy on his face, I think he is well on the path to resolving his paradox...

more thoughts later....
fly well


Well, on the human, exterior side of things, i'm basically your everyday boy-next-door who seems to fit and blend into most situations. I can be at once invisible and then in the next instant, the life of the party. I'm 24 years old, 145 lbs, 5'8" with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. But as far as the cards go, i'm definitelly the 3 of swords and the queen of swords. I'm a water sign (pisces) who bears his sorrow like a metal and has seen more things than is common for someone my age. I wish it were otherwise, but my sadness gives me strength, like these cards, and i don't ever want to forget that. I'm even thinking of a tatoo to encorporate all of this.... still thinking though...

Fly with fey...