Which is darkest - Victorian Romantic or Bohemian Gothic?


I've read lots of threads about both of these decks and love hearing others opinions about them both.
I've read on a few occasions now that some users find using the Victorian Romantic darker or more disturbing than the Bohemian Gothic.
Personally I think the BG is darker than the VR........I'd love to hear everyone elses opinions and reasons! Any particular cards? Or just the overall feeling of the deck?

Le Fanu

I know there are comments on people finding the VR "dark" and if pushed I could probably see vaguely dark details, but I really don´t see it to be honest. The BG is much darker and that´s the whole point. Ok, the VR Magician, maybe the Hierophant...

I love them both but I think generally between the two decks one is predominantly dark and the other is predominantly light.

But Im sure everyone will come forward and correct me!


Well, I won't, for one. BG is darker by several country miles :D


I was quite surprised by the BG - I like dark, disturbing decks but the BG was too dark for me to use. But it is hauntingly beautiful.


The BG is dark, with darker colours, darker themes, night and shadows, great for shadow work.

The VR is lovely and like any other well made tarot deck it has a balance of both positive and negative cards. But the colours are lighter and the deck itself is more about sun and clouds, rather than moonight and mist! :D


For me I think it's because I see the BG people as playing 'dress up' and teasing psychologically, and the VR people as representing something more "real" (and no, this is not logic so please don't ask me to justify). So when I do get a darker VR card (the 9 of Swords chills me, the Tower I find really disturbing, the 7 of Cups very eerie with those souls? in the water) it feels ... well.... disturbing. Very Jane Eyre somehow.



I find the BG darker but having said that with some cards it's a pretty close call. The Devil is equally disturbing in both imo and the Queen of Swords is so fierce in the VR. Totally agree with the 9 of Swords being disturbing in the VR too.


i find that the VR reads very openly, straightforwardly.
this can be harsh for some and seem "dark".
i find the BG to have quite a sense of humor, and that "lightens" its dark load.


I tend to agree with Aerin and victoria.star.

For me the BG is quite quirky in an Emo kind of way, my 13 yo daughter loves it, as do I, but I don't find it scary or disturbing at all. It reminds me of the fun of watching horrors with my friends when I was a teen.
But the VR... This deck is something else. I can definitely relate to it being dark, not in a colour sense but in the sense that it hits on some very dark themes. It can be brutally honest even with its pretty images which can seem quite dark indeed. I love the fact it seems to have both light and bright images, and darker more disturbing ones all together. It is very well rounded.
I love it!

enchanted spirit

Yeah, I'm with the train of thought that the BG has a sense of humor. It is dark in color and in mood, but it's also kind just fun. AND it's beautiful! It is an amazing deck in its own right, but not scary. It kind of makes me think of the Addams Family. The TV series, not the movies!

The VR on the other hand, in some cases is all light and sunshine and then others, oh my! Many of the characters seem almost haunted, and distraught. The VR is not a dark deck, but it is certainly not a happy-go-lucky easy going kind of deck either.

I know the BG is referred to as the "dark sister" and I think it kind of makes it seem like the VG is the "light sister" . . . but then again nobody calls the VR that! Because it's more like the "not as dark sister" to the BG's darkness. If that makes sense . . . ? LOL