Which path to follow?


I would like to start studing wichtcraft, but I don't know where to go.
I was reading about wicca, but I do not feel really comfortable, as I do not believe in gods/godesses, Im not polytheist, I think god is everything, but is just one. So I do not feel comfortable with the gods/godesses of the wicca.
I started to read something about ceremonial magick, but I found it very complicated, I think I'm closer to a kitchen witch with no altars, no athames, not many parafernalia.
Otherwise I think my husband will kick me out, :D

So, I don't know where to go. I would like to study about magick, spirits, spells, meditations, and so on but Im not pretty sure about where to go, which book to buy or where to start.

Any suggestion?

Thank you!

Starri Knytes

Hiya sweetie, Kitchen Witches are awesome but many prefer Solitaire Witch.

Google is a great resource. You can pick and choose what best suits you. Other than that, many follow the ages old rule when it comes to speaking openly about such things. I believe it goes something like...

DENY, DENY, DENY, and if you can't hold up under the strain of torture and admit that you practice magick, you must immediately recant stating that you were out of your mind when
you spoke.

There is a misconception that all Tarot readers are witches. This is not the case at all. We are many things, but witches we all are not.

Blessings Sweetie, and Good Luck on your journey.

In love and light
Starri Knytes


Don't take the gods and goddesses too literally. They may be considered personifications of various forces in the universe. Many pagans take all the goddesses to be different aspects of a single feminine principle; and the god (or gods) to represent the masculine forces. Combine these, and you get the concept of an all encompassing god/goddess.

We are too conditioned by Abrahamic religions to think of god as some single entity, when, in fact, it represents a multitude of interrelated things. Paganism is an acknowledgement of the multiplicity of god's attributes. A monotheist can also be a polytheist in neo paganism.

Christianity actually has three gods, but Christians defy Aristotelian logic (and common sense) by insisting that in this single, unique, specific case, 3 = 1. This is simply an artifice to make Christianity comply with the usual understanding that the Hebrew scriptures seem to teach that there is no other god than JHVH.


Hiya Sweetie Starry, thank you for your nice answer.
Thank you both for your time.
Would you recommend me a book to start on witchcraft? Not tooooo much wiccan, not tooo much complicated? I started with ceremonial magick and I found it too heavy for me.


Hello :)

Long ago, *witches* were healers, hence why they got killed because they were too powerful and threatening

I am a healer and a witch of sorts...i go by my own inner compass. i light candles, do spells and pray a lot....all made up to suit me. Meditate on it and see what comes up



Yep, but I think I'm this kind of persons who prefere a guide, a book, something where to start. Otherwise I feel I will be shooting in the dark.


If you are interested in becoming a "witch" w/o bringing all the Gods and Goddesses and the 'traditional witch' paraphenalia into it--may I suggest that you start with herbal books and learn how to make certain medicines and other things to use in your home that are all natural? Which to me would be like a 'kitchen' witch.

herbs are very easy to grow--in any home, any climate. You can put them in pots inside the home if you live in a condo and have no outdoor space. You can make all kinds of tinctures and things with other products too--right in your kitchen.

For example, I like to make up a lot of my own cleaning products for the home and also make our own shampoo and my own face cleanser and moisturizer. Its easy to do.

I make my own laundry detergent, and save tons of money by doing so. my clothes come out smelling wonderfully clean and yet there is not all that added extra stuff in the clothes that come with store bought laundry detergents.

Even shampoos and conditioners can be made with natural products and you will no longer need to purchase those commercial shampoo and conditioner products.

We're not 100% commercial free in this house, but we're getting better all the time and we enjoy exploring how to use natural products and make things ourselves. We do have a large herbal garden and some are grown in pots inside our home as we do have harsh winters. This is a good start, I think for you--and if you are interested, drop me a PM & I'll be happy to share my recipes for home made laundry detergents, facial cleansers and moisturizers and bug sprays. :D yep! even home made bug spray, though the hubby still is set on buying commercial products for that. :rolleyes:

Before you know it, you'll get to know what herbs to use to help with minor health issues (but always in addition to medical help when required!) and you'll have a lot of people coming your way asking for help on how to get rid of certain ailments as well as the bugs! :D


I would like to study about magick, spirits, spells, meditations, and so on but Im not pretty sure about where to go, which book to buy or where to start.

I meant to check this before posting to be sure I answered your post the first time. Herbs are often used for all the above. There are some great books out there too--but I would concentrate on getting books on "Natural Remedies" and making your own home products. Herbs and other food products are almost always involved!

As for meditating, that is also fairly easy to do w/o buying anything special, but if you need some direction for meditating, I'd recommend first trying out a few you tube meditations to find what you like before buying a CD. Though, you can find cheap CDs to help with this.


I love to listen to chanting, but I also have quite a few drumming and rattle shamanic cds. It depends on my frame of mind as to what I listen to. I also have quite a few chakra cds that are meditative and helpful and then other meditative cds that are led by some well known shamans and psychics--John Edward, Carolyne Myss, and Alberto Villoldo to name a few. they are also great.

Meditation can also be used to help with spirit contact, if this is what you are want. You can also use your tarot/oracle cards as well. But, I will first caution you to ground and protect yourself, and again all this can be done w/o any actual books but you can also buy some books that will give you some ideas to do this. There are also a lot of threads on here regarding developing your psychic abilities to make contact w/spirits and also about grounding and protection.

Why don't you join in the PTR reading circle next month? We learn to develop and use our psychic abilities while doing a reading for our partner. Its great fun too.


Try looking up these for starters

Hedgewitch - Rae Beth
The Real Witches Craft - Kate West
Hedgewitch in the Cauldron of Avalon - M.S.Saille

They each take a different approach, but contain information about dates of significance, herbs, elements, some simple spell work, and different ideas on spiritual matters.

Not sure how easy they might be to find, but Amazon might give you an overview.

Other writers who might be useful, but might not have the emphasis you want are Scott Cunninghm, Marian Green, Elen Hawke or Glennie Kindred.

I'm sure there are more US writers that might be useful that I don't know so well, being UK based.

Good luck with your search


I have three or four books by Christopher Penzack which are pretty good. He does however follow the Gods and Goddesses, if I recall correctly. I don't think he insists within his books that this is the only way, and you may find some good information there. But, the books, while not out of this world in price, can add up if you wish to collect all that are pertaining to what you are interested in. He does however, cover a lot of different things--magic, spells, herbs and spirits, meditations and much more.

I do have a few books by Scott Cunningham too, which are a bit easier to get through. They're not as large a book, and much more affordable as well. He also covers many areas you are wishing to pursue, so he is another to check into, Ivanna.

I also found a nice website about kitchen witchery, that I think I found googling or from pinterest. here is the link- http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/pagantraditions/p/KitchenWitchery.htm.

googling for ideas and also searching on pinterest may give you a lot of great ideas for free too!