which spread in the index to use....


any in the spread index that would work well to find out about cold or recent crime cases...missing persons, murders, etc.?
anyone use a particular one for such purposes?

Glass Owl

This thread will probably be moved over the Tarot Spreads section shortly, but here are some spreads...

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Spread by Ann Murkett
This spread is posted at mytarotspreads.com and mydivination.com

A formula to get to the whole story of the situation.


1. Who. Who is involved?
2. What. What happened?
3. When. When did it take place?
4. Where. Where did it take place?
5. Why. Why did it take place?
6. How. How did it happen?

Lost Pet Spread - modify for a missing person or object

Thirteen's World Spread
Use the World Card as your guide. Put a card at the center to stand for your missing person (a court card you feel is them in a nutshell). Then lay out the cards as follows:


#1 is Scorpio--where are they at emotionally, psychologically? Angry? Sad? Numb?

#2 is Leo--who is with them? Among friends? Enemies? Strangers? Family?

#3 is Taurus--what is their physical location? Where on the planet are they standing? Or are they on the move?

#4 is Aquarius--where are the planning to go? Do?

And then add a 5th card to cross the one at the center. Let that one be "Advise?" (i.e, should you keep searching? Call? Worry? Relax?)

The Lost & Found Spread (from "Power Tarot" by Trish MacGregor & Phyllis Vega). It is apparently intended to locate lost objects, but it could be used for a missing person. It is laid out as follows:


1. The object (in this case, the person) that is lost
2. Something you need to know about this loss
3-4. Where to begin your search
5. Who or what will help
6-7. Factors to be considered in your search
8-10. Outcome

VWH "Just The Facts" Spread
LadyBlackRose's 3 Card What You Know Spread
The Be Like Nancy Drew" Spread - modify to suit your needs


thanks...like the nancy drew one and 13's world one...