White Box C Misprint


I received a copy of the White Box C version of the Thoth today with an unusual misprint. The red printing is completely absent from the face of the box. Has anyone encountered a similar misprint like this? There is absolutely no trace of any red ink, even when viewed through a magnification loop. A photo is attached.


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Never seen that before, how strange. :laugh:


When I first saw it listed on E-bay I thought it was a Thoth version unknown to me. At this point my adrenaline surged a bit. However, after a closer look it dawned on me that part of the printing was simply missing from this common "Greenie" version. I'd never seen anything like it before and thought it would be interesting to examine it in more detail and add it to my collection. It's certainly quirky if nothing else.

The crowned one

One off box anyway :) I've never seen or heard of that either, but I like it for its possible uniqueness!


I've never seen that before, either - it's a great purchase for the collection, definitely!