Who am I - self exploration spread


Hi all, here's a new spread I devised for getting to know yourself better. It's often easy to delve in problems or the "dark side" of the soul but this spread picks up also your best traits that might surprise you!

Here's a sample reading (fuller reading available in my blog, link in signature):

Me, myself and I

What is my core personality like? QUEEN OF CUPS.

This Queen experiences life through emotions first and foremost; emotions can sometimes take over. Intuitive and introvert rather than logical and extrovert.

What makes me happiest in life? 6 SWORDS Rev.

6 Swords upright is a card of leaving worries and turbulent thoughts behind, but reversed, it doesn't simply mean "arrival of worries". I read it to mean - arrival of thoughts. I do love learning, reading, conversing...

What strength do I have I take for granted? MAGICIAN.

The Magician is someone who can turn thoughts, plans and ideas into reality. Someone who can manifest their will in the world and take action to follow through.

What unhelpful personality trait or aspect I have successfully left behind? MOON Rev.

The Moon usually points to fears and illusions, things being hazy and unclear, coloured by our own imagination and instinctive, even primal fears. For years, I used to suffer from "existential panic attacks", fear of death in other words. Excessive fear of death is survival instinct gone mad and that overdrive or agitation triggers all sorts of other fears too - not helpful. Now I'm in control of this.

What is my most beneficial personality trait from others' perspective? 8 CUPS.

I don't hold grudge or regrets, I move on. 8 Cups is a card of leaving an emotionally draining or negative situation behind for good, going on a quest to seek for new fulfilment.

What is my most beneficial personality trait for myself? WORLD.

The will and keenness to learn, to complete, to become the best possible version of myself. The World is a card of achievements, completion, lessons learned, the will to elevate oneself to the next level of understanding and experiences.

Who am I growing to be (what direction is my personality evolving)? 9 SWORDS.

9 Swords is a card of excessive worrying about matters that in fact, are not that serious after all. I don't think that's what it means here: this card often pops up for me to say "duh, you know it, don't ask." It's like tarot's "quit being helpless, will ya?". :D

I feel I'm evolving and maturing in general and indeed, I got a clarifying card the Strength: feeling zen, in control of emotions and impulses.

What should I do more to support my growth? 2 PENTACLES.

2 Pentacles is a card of a balancing act, juggling two things that are of equal importance. E.g. two people, work/life balance, or other matters that require equal focus. For me this card has a personal meaning: my professional career and my "side career" of a range of creative undertakings. Keep both alive, pay equal attention to both, live both sides of life.

What should I stop doing to support my growth? QUEEN OF SWORDS.

This Queen is analytical, clear-headed, straightforward and honest to the point of being blunt. I usually identify with this Queen. However, recently I've been slipping on the side of overanalysing and that's not healthy.

General advise for a better life? 7 WANDS.

Stand your ground, be brave in what you believe in, protect and defend what you hold valuable. I think we are all here learning to do exactly this: not to bend under pressure but make our own judgements about what is good and bad, right and wrong, worth stepping up.


I really like this spread. I tend to focus more on reading about my darker, negative traits, so it is great to see a spread that puts a more positive spin on things. Thanks for sharing, Saskia!


Wonderful spread! You know I am a big, big fan of personal development readings so this is just what I needed. You always seem to always come up with awesome spreads! Keep em coming!



Thank you RRS and Enlightenment! It's great to know others like to ponder similar questions and play with the cards to get some self-evolution going! :D


oooo i definatly been needing to do these types of spreads although I have been avoiding them, but not this one! i will do it soon