Who Do You Look Like?

diane drizzy

So which faery do you resemble?

As much as I'd like to look like Laume, Penelope or Iris I guess I'd most resemble a dark haired grown up Maiden!
I always look for people I know in my cards.So much fun!


I think I most resemble the rock-like fae that Luathas the Wild is crouching on! :D

R :)


I have similar facial features to the Lady of the Harvest, only with much shorter hair (stupid, stupid scissors!) and WAY less voluptuous!

But I have a wide nose and big lips and green eyes like hers....if only my hair would grow out.


I don't think I resemble any Fae a whole lot... except Himself, if I was a guy.... I'll let you folks decide.

This is a pic of me from September 03, although I'm letting my bangs grow out (again) now.

I wish I looked like Nelys. I have a feeling I look more like Laiste, Moon's Daughter. Maybe Losgunna. I'll take Penelope Dreamweaver too, but I think it's just the long dark hair....


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Oh Alissa! I think you look like the Faerie who was kissed by the Pixies!

When I first got the deck, and spread all the cards out, I was really surprised to see me, right there in the cards...

Puggi...the one who is crouching... in the Faeries Of the Future!

(I even have a photo of me from many years ago, where I look just like her! I'll see if I can dig it up!)

Although after this winter...if I don't get back to exercising...I will look more like the little plump gnome lady in the bottom of that same card!


Chronata said:
Oh Alissa! I think you look like the Faerie who was kissed by the Pixies!
I'll take that as a compliment... I love that card. Just talking about it with a friend earlier today, in fact.

Funny how those Faerys are, eh? Popping up again and again.

Do show us a Fae picture Chronata! ;)

Aura Wolf

Hmm...I suppose if I had to choose one, I'd have to go with that middle faery above Tobaira. At first glance--she kinda looks like me when I smile. But when you zoom in for detail she doesn't really look like me at all....well, that's the only slight resemblance I could think of anyway :)


When my hair was black, I looked a bit like the Dark Lady. Now, I'm not so sure.


Well, not the photo I was looking for...that one, of course, seems to be missing...(faeries always moving stuff)

Here's a tiny grainy photo from the same time. Me being fae at a Ren Faire. And crouching....


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awww..chronata! *I love your picture! you are so pretty! oh, now i want pictures down of me looking fae. hmmm...smiles and listens to the fae whispering in my ear.