Who Do You Look Like?


Well, Iam pretty sure my sister was fae.. I think she would have looked like Taitin had she grown up.


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I was gonna say I look like Death (tee hee).. but, I guess there are some vauge resemblances to Tobaira, but I think that is mostly the color of her hair, and her chin.

Really I think the fae in my avatar is closer than any in the deck.


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I didn't think I looked like anyone but...

I was sitting on the floor playing with my cards and my sister in law was playing with her cards too (I just HAD to get them for her, I think it was the faeries that made me do it lol) My mother in law was looking at them and said "Oooh, I found you." She had the Tobaira of the Waters card. My sisters and husband all agreed. I thought it was rather funny as I had been looking at this card ever since I got them thinking how familiar she looked and trying to figure out who she reminded me of. LOL :D

I guess you don't see yourself the same way as others do, especially from the side! ;)


Alissa wolf-whistles the Pixie girl....

Oooo that second picture makes me wonder if you've considered the Dark Lady's card? ;)

September Pixie

oh! hm! No I hadn't considered her before... but I think you could be right! I can totally relate to her card.. I often seek her help.. not only through grief but chaos as well!


Well after looking through the deck I think I look like the girl that is in Epona's Wild Daughter's card (54). The one sitting with her head on her knees and her hair flipped over. I know you can't see her face, but her hair and body look just like mine, and I assume that posture sometimes when I am really emotionally exhausted. Sorry I have no picture to attach, or I would let you guys decide.