Who gives you the answers?


I am sure this has been discussed before. I don't know how to search for this though.

Where do the answers come from? Who or what makes the reading possible. Is it all jus a coincidence? I have wondered. For me it seems to be something that is like a parent. They don't want any harm for me and they always give me good advice. It's never like they would get mad because I didn't listen. They just continue giving me good advice and warnings. For years they have been reliable. I have asked. They say it's someone familiar to me. Maybe I just don't remember them. At least I think is what they are trying to tell me.

But I have to wonder where it comes from. What is actually happening? For months I stopped reading the cards since it felt suspicious but as I did it again I got a positive message.

I think that's something every reader comes to terms with and wonders about. Because when we learn to read we see that wise, useful answers come up pretty much every time we read. The first time or two we might think it's coincidence. But hundreds, thousands of times in a row??? At that point, I think it can no longer be called coincidence. And then we have to find another explanation.

Finding that is a personal thing, as there is no way to know for sure. But to me, what sends the answers (and ensures the right cards come up for me to interpret the answer properly is...the Divine. God and my angels. For me the answer is as simple as that. Which imo opinion explains why the answers take the form they do for me. Always loving, wise and caring...as those are the qualities of those whom I believe send my answers.

To me the fact that the cards DO answer, and do so consistently, is proof however we view it that we are not alone and there are answers when we need them that we can connect to. Life wants us to know if we ask. We are not left alone of guess. We can ask and find out. And that's huge. And amazing part of life and how it works.



From a naturalistic perspective, there are at least 3 sources of knowledge besides the empirical. (I got these 3 from a professor of theoretical mathematics):

1. Euclidean--where principles are clear and the whole system consistent. This is like classic Newtonian physics and Einstein's theories which are clearly defined with math.

2. Heuristics--where principles are clear and consistent, but various systems seem to conflict with each other. This is like the knowledge used to play chess, do legal studies, or work in artificial intelligence.

3. Intuition--where the principles are ineffable or unknown, requiring vast amounts of experience and practice. Most human endeavor resides here (philosophy, science, arts, language, sports...)

I just offer this to show that even an uncompromising naturalist can't explain all knowledge.
Presently, I am a super-naturalist, so I do believe that there may be communication from other outside sources. Disclaimer: This belief does not rule out all of the above mentioned sources.

1. Universal revelation--spiritual knowledge that comes through nature or human conscience. The forms of Plato, wonder of the romantic poets, themes of the transcendentalists, human rights, and morality might be expressions of this knowledge.

2. Special or personal revelation--knowledge that comes more directly from a spiritual source. Dreams, visions, and prophesy would be examples.

Any of these sources can be inaccurate or incomplete in expression, maybe to keep us humble.
And unknown sources could be benevolent or malevolent, maybe to keep us testing everything.
Disclaimer: These thoughts are just speculations as I think out loud, so to speak.