Who thick are your cards?


How thick are your cards?

To all creatives who have printed their own cards or had their deck printed by a publisher...... Black kat, karen M, Rota, Marie W, Willie H, JPT.....this is for you

Could you tell me how thick your card are? 300gsm?? less /more

Many thanks in advance


We chose between 90 and 130 lb card stock, it's thick as a business card--but we never measured actual thickness of each sheet. The whole deck (80 cards--the 78 plus a cover & back card) is 7/8ths inch high when you press it tight together. Does that help? This is on an unshuffled deck, right out of the printers box. Once you shuffle them, they 'puff up' a little. Sort of like opening a brand new paperback book & looking at it a few days later when you're halfway through the thing. It ends up a tad thicker.


In the US, you'd want to choose either 12-point or 14-point card stock. I'm not sure how that might translate to European or metric measurements, but your printer will know.
14-point is my preference. Any thinner, and it's just paper; any thicker, and they're not shuffle-able.

Major Tom

I've printed my cards for my own use and experimented with a number of different weights of paper. I've found that anything less than 200 grams isn't suitable. My favoured paper is 220 grams.


card stock

We used 300 gram coated offset paper/card. Thickish but still flexible. We use a completely matt lacquer - this coats the card in a very subtle way which to us looks more traditional than the shinier more synthetic modern coatings.

Hope that helps!